RTD MI Cable OMEGACLAD™ RTD Mineral Insulated Cable, 2, 3, or 4 Conductor MIC with MgO


RTD MI Cable OMEGACLAD™ with 2-6 Conductors | 316-RTD-4W-MO-250

RTD MI Cable OMEGACLAD™ with 2-6 Conductors

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  • Stainless Steel or Inconel Sheath RTD MI Cable
  • Sheath: 316 SS Stocked, INC, 304, 310 SS special order
  • Nickel 201 Or Copper Conductors
  • Standard or High Purity MgO Insulation
  • 4 conductor wide space pattern, -4W-
  • 2, 3, or 4 conductor regular space pattern
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Mineral insulated metal sheathed RTD Cable, RTD MIC, has a stainless steel or Inconel outer metal sheath with copper or Nickel signal wire conductors. The conductor lead wires are insulated from each other and the outer sheath by compacted magnesium oxide MgO. Metric and standard US inch diameters are manufactured in a range of OD sizes with 2, 3, or 4 conductors. The 4 wire design is produced in wide or standard pattern layout in various diameters. Coil lengths of 50 to 1000 ft are typical. Metal sheath RTD cable with nickel 201 conductors is also used as sensor hook up wire in high temperature locations.

Omega RTD MI Cable can be supplied in cut to length MIC wire sections for OEM sensor and probe builders. Short straight lengths of MIC RTD MI cable from 4.25 inch to 28 inch can be cut to length CTL. Each end of the cut to length MIC can be prepared straight cut or with stripped lead lengths to match your RTD sensor probe assembly requirements.
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