Mineral Insulated Metal Sheath Thermocouple Probes with Bare Leads

BLMI Series

Mineral Insulated Metal Sheath Thermocouple Probes Bare Leads Mineral Insulated  MI thermocouple material Cable MIC replacement BLMI TC probe | BLMI Series

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BLMI Replacement Thermocouple Probes Deliver Consistent, Superior Quality Through Automated Manufacturing

Bare lead mineral insulated BLMI replacement TC probes begin with OMEGA’s own high-purity magnesium oxide SLE grade thermocouple cable. BLMI TC sensors are built and quality tested on our automated manufacturing cells.

OMEGACLAD™ mineral insulated MI thermocouple material is metal sheathed thermocouple cable that is cut, stripped, beaded, closed, potted, and tested by equipment designed and built in-house exclusively for these tasks. Replacement TC probes are available in 6 inch (150 mm), 12 inch (300 mm), and 18 inch (450 mm) lengths. The cold end bare leads are 1.0 in. (25 mm) in length.The hot end junction can be selected as grounded, ungrounded or exposed. Contact sales for custom lengths or diameters. Connectors, accessories and other related options are listed below.

OEM quantity thermocouple sensor components can be shipped bulk as coiled or straight cut to length CTL with cold end stripped leads and hot junctions to match your tc probe specifications.

High Temperature Option
BLMI probes are also available in a high-temperature version. The cold end is potted using a ceramic cement rated to 1200°C (2200°F). Add “-CC” to the end of the probe part number and $5 to list price. (The actual temperature rating of the probe is dependent upon the calibration, sheath material, and probe diameter.)

“DUAL”Construction Option
Also available in a 4-wire construction (2 thermocouple junctions). Add “–DUAL” to the end of the part number and consult sales for pricing.

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