- Discontinued Portable Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS/Salinity Meter


 | CDH-287-KIT

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  • 6 Conductivity Ranges
  • 2 Resistivity Ranges
  • 5 TDS Ranges
  • Practical Salinity in the Range of 2 - 42.0, in Accordance with UNESCO Data
  • Programmable Temperature Coefficient
  • Microprocessor-Based
  • Easy to Operate
  • Ideal for Most Water Applications
Instrumentação para Medição de Condutividade - Ver Produtos Relacionados


The CDH-287 is a portable, multi-ranging conductivity meter with unsurpassed accuracy and reliability in the field. It also measures resistivity, total dissolved solids and practical salinity, making the CDH-287 the most versatile meter on the market. It comes with a glass, dip-style conductivity probe with an integral temperature sensor and cell constant of 1.0. This microprocessor-based conductivity meter features auto-ranging, programmable temperature coefficient and error diagnostics. Simply pressing the keypad switches from conductivity to TDS, resistivity or salinity units. A concentration mode allows operators to choose their own concentration units and create a specific calibration curve, by measuring up to four concentration standards and inputting the values. To increase range accuracy, cells are also available with constants of K=0.1 and K=10. Dip cells and flow cells are available in both glass and epoxy body styles.
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