1/4 DIN Ramp/Soak Controller - Discontinued


1/4 DIN Ramp/Soak Controller | CN2120

1/4 DIN Ramp/Soak Controller

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3 anos de garantia CE
  • 200 Segments
  • 90 Independent Programs
  • 9 Linked Programs
  • 11 Logic Inputs and 14 Digital Outputs
  • Real Time Clock/ Calendar Option
  • Universal Inputs (TC, RTD, Linear)
  • Wide Range of Outputs: Relay, dc Pulse, ac SSR, or Analog
  • Special Control Functions: Output Linearization and Split Outputs
  • Output Failure Detection
  • NEMA-4X (IP65) Face Plate


The CN2120 Series has been discontinued. Please see Omega's new CNPT Series as a possible alternative or contact our Temperature Engineering department. Some remaining stock is available as shown below in the "to Order" section.

The OMEGA™ CN2120 Ramp/Soak Controller is a fully functional controller with flexibility to meet many demanding control applications. The controller has many standard and special features that allow precise programming for any profile application.

The 200 segments can be used in up to 90 programs. These programs can be linked together or run separately. For each of the programs, it is possible to:
• Use up to 99 segments
• Set program repetitions
• At the end of program, either turn on an "end of program" digital output, turn off the control outputs, set the control output to a set value, or use the last set point of the program for control.
• Set up to 14 events
• Choose one of 5 PID groups/segment
• Choose one of 10 Wait bands/segment

Real Time Clock Option: Allows for auto start program at specific time and on specific days.

Special Control Features
The CN2120 provides special programming features that will improve the control for some applications. The CN2120 has the capability of splitting the control output between 2 outputs in the "Split Range" feature. Another program feature allows use with quick opening and equal percentage type valves.

Digital Inputs
Three Digital inputs are standard on the CN2120 with options for up to 8 additional inputs. These inputs can be programmed to:
• Select between Run/Hold
• Abort a program
• Select a program
• Auto/manual selection
• Set output limit
• Reset alarm
• Reverse or direct control action

Digital Outputs
Outputs 2, 3 and 4 can be used as digital outputs. In addition, options are available for 5 or 10 additional outputs. These outputs can be programmed as:
• Break event
• Timer event
• End of cycle annunciator
• Program in Run, Hold or Wait State
• Controller in manual or auto state
• Error annunciation

T/C Type Range °C Range °F
B   PT-30% RH/PT-6% RH 0 to 1820 32 to 3300
C   5% RE-W/ 26% RE-W 0 to 2300 32 to 4170
D   W3-RE/W25-RE 0 to 2300 32 to 4170
E   CHROMEGA™-CONSTANTAN -100 to 800 -150 to 1470
G   W/W26-RE 0 to 2300 0 to 4170
L   J DIN -100 to 900 -150 to 1650
J   IRON-CONSTANTAN -100 to 1000 -150 to 1830
K   CHROMEGA™-ALOMEGA™ -100 to 1370 -150 to 2500
N   OMEGA-P, OMEGA-N -100 to 1400 -150 to 2550
Ni/NiMo   PT-13% 0 to 1200 32 to 2190
R   PT-13% RH-PT -50 to 1760 -60 to 3200
S   PT/10% RH-PT -50 to 1760 -60 to 3200
T   COPPER-CONSTANTAN -200 to 400 -330 to 750
U   T DIN -200 to 600 -330 to 1110

Model Number Description
CN2120-(*)-(*)Ramp/soak profile controller
CN2121-(*)-(*)Ramp/soak profile controller with output failure detection or potentiometer feedback (field selectable)

Outputs 1 and 2 (insert suffix) (Control, Alarm, or Event Assignable)
Suffix Output 1 Output 2
-T1-T1ac SSRac SSR
-DC1-R2dc PulseRelay
-DC1-DC2dc Pulsedc Pulse

Suffix Output 5 Output 6
-F5-F60 to 20, 4 to 20 mA0 to 20, 4 to 20 mA

Power Supply Option
Suffix Discription
-LV24 Vac/Vdc power

Options (only one option available per unit)
Suffix Discription
-A2RS-485, aux. power supply
-A4RS-485, aux. power supply, clock
-A6RS-485, aux. power supply, 4 logic inputs, 5 digital outputs
-A7RS-485, aux. power supply, 8 logic inputs, 10 digital outputs
-A8RS-485, aux. power supply, 4 logic inputs, 5 digital outputs, clock
-A9RS-485, aux. power supply, 8 logic inputs, 10 digital outputs, clock
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