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Wall-Mount Programmable Temperature Monitor


Wall-Mount Programmable Temperature Monitor | DPS3301

Wall-Mount Programmable Temperature Monitor

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R$5.245,00 DPS3301TC

2 anos de garantia
  • Easy to View from a Distance
  • Multiple Programmable Display Modes
  • Frequently Used Mathematical Functions
  • Timer for Process Run Time
  • Remote Display Hold
  • Fully Programmable via Front Keys
  • Sealed Enclosure with Clear Plastic Front
  • Protection from Dust and Moisture
  • Thermocouple, RTD, and Thermistor Inputs
  • Alarm Status Indication on Front Panel
  • Built-In Buzzer to Sound Alarm (Optional)
  • 2 Programmable Timers, 4 Process Alarms (Optional)
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Housed in a wall-mount, watertight plastic enclosure, the DPS3301 is a powerful temperature monitor/indicator that accepts a single thermocouple, RTD, or 400 Series thermistor sensor input and then displays the temperature in either °C or °F. In addition, it monitors a number of important functions, such as high and low process readings, process run time, and rate of process change.

Four (optional) process alarms are available that are programmable over the entire range of selected input type. They can be configured as latching or non-latching, normally open, or normally closed. Also available are 2 optional timers that work independently or in conjunction with process limits (e.g., turning on a fan 10 minutes after limit 1 temperature is reached). The time function keeps track of process run time.

The DPS3301 can function as a rate monitor, indicating instantaneous as well as average rate of temperature change. Programmable time base allows the rate to be displayed in per second, minute, hour, or any other interval. The DPS3301 can also be programmed for a rate alarm, which can indicate whether a predetermined rate is exceeded or not achieved.

The DPS3301 can be programmed to indicate in 1 of 7 display modes:
  1. Display Process
  2. Display Rate of Change
  3. Display Deviation
  4. Display Max Reading
  5. Scan All Parameters
  6. Display Min Reading
  7. Display Elapsed Time
If scan mode is selected, all the above parameters are briefly displayed in sequence. Dwell time for each mode is programmable.

Additional features include a built-in buzzer that sounds whenever a limit is reached (available with the relay option). Visual indication of relay output status is given by LEDs on the front panel. A watchdog timer keeps track of any runaway programs caused by excessive noise or other malfunctions. The DPS3301 also has a power line filter designed to provide trouble-free operation in harsh industrial environments.

Input Types: J, K, T, E, R, S, B, thermistor [2252 Ω @ 25°C (77°F)], Pt 100 RTD
CJC Error: ±0.5°C (0.9°F) [10 to 45°C (50 to 113°F)]
    Resolution: 1°C/°F for T/Cs and RTDs, 0.1°C/0.2°F for thermistor
A/D Conversion: 20,000 count A/D converter
Conversion Rate: 7/s (typical)
Display: Red 7-segment LED display, 20 mm (0.8") High
Display Test: on power-up
Power Options: 120 Vac (60 Hz)-standard, 220 Vac (50 Hz)-optional, 15 Vdc @ 900 mA-optional
Output (Optional):
    Open Collector: 6 open-collector outputs, maximum sink capability of 50 mA per output, internal source
    Relays: SPST, 1 A @ 28 Vdc or 0.5 A @ 120 Vac resistive
    Output Termination: Euro-style pluggable connector
Rate: Variable, displayed as rate of change/time base
    Case: 192 W x 160 H x 103 mm D (7.55 x 6.29 x 4.05")
    Material: Polystyrene with crystal-clear polycarbonate lid
Ingress Protection: Up to IP65 (DIN standard)
Weight: 1.4 kg (3 lb)
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Código de Produto/Desc.
Disponível em: 4 semanas
Wall-mount, single input temperature monitor J,K,T,E inputs.
Disponível em: 3 semanas
Wall mount single input, thermistor. 6 outputs
Disponível em: 3 semanas
Wall mount single input temperature monitor, thermistor. 6 outputs
Disponível em: 4 semanas
Wall mount single channel temperature monitor, t/c 8-15VDC
Disponível em: 4 semanas
Wall mount single input temperature monitor. t/c. 6 open
Disponível em: 3 semanas
Wall mount single input temperature monitor, thermistor, 6 ouptuts.
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Preços indicados em Reais e já incluem todos os impostos e taxas de acordo com a legislação vigente. Nota: Comes with watertight connectors (2) and complete operator’s manual.

Construtor de Código de Produto

Construa o Código do Produto Abaixo:
Descrições das Opções:

(1) Input Codes Selecione :
TC por J K T E
RTD por 100 Omega
TH por 400 Series thermistor
R por R Thermocouple
S por S Thermocouple
B por B Thermocouple

(2) Power Options Selecione :
Nada (deixe em branco) por 120 Vac (60 Hz)-standard
-1 por 240 Vac
-2 por 8 to 15 Vdc

(3) Output Options Selecione :
Nada (deixe em branco) por None
-3 por 6 relay outputs (4 alarms 2 timers)
-4 por 6 open-collector outputs (4 alarms 2 timers)
Nota: Algumas combinações podem ser inválidas, por favor verifique a folha de especificações para códigos de produtos válidos.
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