Voltage Conversion I/O Modules: Convert TTL Levels to PLC Levels and PLC Levels to TTL Levels  - Discontinued

DR-IO Series

Voltage Conversion I/O Modules | DR-IO Series

Voltage Conversion I/O Modules

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  • High Density DIN Rail Mount Design
  • 4000 Volt Isolation
  • Logic Levels Switch High Level AC and DC Circuits
  • High Level AC and DC Signals Switch Logic Circuits
  • Positive and Negative Logic Input Modules
  • Fused Output (Output Modules)
  • LED Logic Indicator
  • Wide Logic Voltage Range
  • Converts TTL-Level Signals to PLC Inputs
  • Converts PLC Outputs to TTL-Level Signals


This product line has been discontinued.

DR-IO Series DIN rail mount input/output modules are ideal for connecting real world discrete signals to a computer interface and other electronic equipment. Most computer interfaces can only sense or generate low level TTL (0/5Vdc) signals. The DR-IO-OAC and DR-IO-ODC output modules can be used to sense high level ac and dc signals. The compact design of the DR-IO modules permit high density mounting on a standard DIN rail. The input modules are available with negative and positive logic versions. Negative logic modules produce a high logic signal when the input signal from the field goes low and a low logic signal when the field input goes high. With the positive logic modules, the logic signal follows the field signal; that is, the logic signal is high when the field signal is high and low when the field signal is low.

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