Water Flowmeters and Controllers for Low Flow

FLR-1600A AND FLV-4600A Series

Water Flowmeters and Controllers for Low Flow | FLR-1600A AND FLV-4600A Series

Water Flowmeters and Controllers for Low Flow

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  • Response Time of 20 milliseconds Typical (Meter)
  • Turndown Ratio of 50:1
  • Push Button Tare (with Display)
  • Accuracy of ±2% Full Scale
  • NIST Traceability Standard
  • Portable versions available
  • Minimum flow is 0.01 ml/min
  • For use with pure, distilled or deionized water
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The OMEGA™ Series FLR-1600A and FLV-4600A series flowmeters and controllers use two of the best studied physical properties of liquids to measure flow: Pressure and Viscosity. Differential pressure measurement, across a laminar flow element, results in a flow meter that is inherently linear. OMEGA™ flow meters measure differential pressure within that laminar region to achieve a turndown of 50:1 typical and the accuracy is ±2.0% of full scale. It uses the same technology as the laminar gas mass flow and volumetric flow meters, FMA-1600A and FLV-1600A. There are no moving parts to wear out.

The FLR-1600A Series is a Volumetric Water Flowmeter. The unique method of flow detection allows the meter to measure extremely low flow rates at an affordable price. The FLR-1600A Series was designed with deionized water in mind. These flowmeters are available in ranges of 500 microliters per minute full scale to 10 liters per minute full scale.

The FLR-1600A water meter provides data on the flow rate and temperature via the standard local display and the RS232 serial output. An optional gauge pressure sensor is available on the secondary output model "-P".

The FLV-4600A Series Water Flow Controller utilizes a proportional valve coupled to a flowmeter body creating a unique in-situ closed-loop flow controller system. Measurements are taken within the laminar region of the flow meter and the integral PID controller positions the valve according to the flow set points. The controllers can accept an RS-232 or the 0-5 Volt control input signal depending on what is preferred. Independent of the set point voltages, the controllers can be configured for single or dual output of the same or different voltages and/or different parameters such as temperature and flow. This is possible because of our laminar flowmeter design that incorporates solid-state Differential and Temperature Sensors on the standard model to determine flow in an inherently linear system. An optional , an Absolute Gauge Pressure Sensor is available on the "-P" secondary output models. The result is a fast responding linear flow meter with multiple outputs. All these parameters are simultaneously visible with our dynamic display that includes a push button operator interface. Water flow controllers are available from 50 milliliters per minute full scale to 500 milliliters per minute full scale.

Model No.
Water Flow Meter
Model No.
Water Flow Controller
Min ΔP = 5 PSIG
Connection Flow Range
FLR-1601A––––10-32 Thread0 to 0.5 sccm
FLR-1602A––––10-32 Thread0 to 1 sccm
FLR-1614A––––1/8 FNPT0 to 2 sccm
FLR-1615AFLV-4615A1/8 FNPT0 to 5 sccm
FLR-1603AFLV-4603A1/8 FNPT0 to 10 sccm
FLR-1616AFLV-4616A1/8 FNPT0 to 20 sccm
FLR-1604AFLV-4604A1/8 FNPT1 to 50 sccm
FLR-1617AFLV-4617A1/8 FNPT2 to 100 sccm
FLR-1618AFLV-4618A1/8 FNPT4 to 200 sccm
FLR-1619AFLV-4619A1/8 FNPT0 to 500 sccm
FLR-1620AFLV-4620A1/4 FNPT0 to 1 SLPM
FLR-1605AFLV-4605A1/4 FNPT0 to 2 SLPM
FLR-1606AFLV-4606A1/4 FNPT0 to 5 SLPM
FLR-1607A––––1/4 FNPT0 to 10 SLPM
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