Ball Bearing Gas Turbine Flow meters with Male NPT Fittings


Ball Bearing Gas Turbine Flow meters with Male NPT Fittings | FTB-930

Ball Bearing Gas Turbine Flow meters with Male NPT Fittings

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1 ano de garantia
  • ±1% of Reading Accuracy
  • Ball Bearing Design for Economy
  • 440C Bearing Retainers for Durability
  • Ball Bearings Field Replaceable Without Loss of Calibration
  • Deflector Cones Stabilize Low Mass Rotor for Increased Bearing Life
  • NIST Certificate Supplied Standard
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The FTB930/940 series has been discontinued. Please see the FTB1400 SERIES as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering department.

The OMEGA™ FTB-930 & FTB-940 Series turbine meters have male NPT end fittings for easy connections. They are suitable for use with gases with a minimum density of 0.025 lb/ft 3 (air at STP is 0.0752 lb/ft 3 ).These units come supplied with a mating 2-wire connector and can be supplied with integrally mounted FLSC-60 Series signal conditioners to provide 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, or amplified pulse outputs. These turbine gas meters are intended for clean service only; where there is any doubt about the fluid, strainers are recommended.

OMEGA™ precision turbine gas flowmeters are designed to measure actual cubic feet or actual volume passing through the meter. Before sizing a flowmeter, it is necessary to convert flow units (i.e., SCFM, LPM, etc.) to actual units. To convert to actual measured volume (ACFM) from standard volume (SCFM), use the following formula:
ACFM = SCFM x 14.7/Pa x Ta/530
ACFM = Actual cubic feet per minute of measured gas flow
SCFM = Standard cubic feet per minute gas flow
Pa = Operating pressure (psia) in = (psig + 14.7)
Ta = Temperature in degrees, Rankine = (°F + 460)

Accuracy: ±1.0% of reading
Repeatability: ±0.25%
Materials of Construction:
Body: 304/316 stainless steel
Rotor: 17-4 PH SS
Bearings: 440C stainless steel
Output: 30 mV p-p sinewave min.
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