Heavy Duty Portable Heaters  - Discontinued

HF-203, HF-303 and HF-403

Comfort Heaters | HF-203, HF-303 and HF-403

Comfort Heaters

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  • 1.9, 2, 3, 4kW
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Response Element
  • Quiet, Smooth-Running Motor & Fan
  • Built-in Overheat Protection
  • On-off Toggle Switch AC Models)
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The HF-200, HF-300, and HF-400 series has been discontinued. Please contact our Temperature Engineering department for a viable replacement.

Housing is heavy-gauge steel with handle and rubber feet.Finish is heat-resistant green Hammerloid.

Overheat protection. All heaters have integral, automatic thermal cutout. DC heaters are equipped with a DC magnetic contactor with thermal cutout wired in series with holding coil.

Dimensions. 113/8"(29cm)wide, 133/16"(33cm) tall, 8"(20cm)deep

Cord and plug. AC and DC HF heaters are supplied with 6-ft. cord and grounded polarized plug except 240VDC HF-403D DC, 120VAC HF-303AC and 120VDC HF-303D DC.

Thermostat for automatic heating. See Type WR, page L-10

Product dimensions

kW Volts Phase Output
Amps Air temp.
Air spd.
Model No. Wt.*
Ibs. kg
AC (supplied with on-off switch)
1.91201648315.846140HF-203G AC16 1/2 (7)
2240168248.346140HF-203G AC/24016 1/2 (7)
31201102362570140HF-303 AC***19 (9)
324011023612.570140HF-303G AC19 (9)
424011364816.792140HF-403G AC19 (9)
1.91201648315.846140HF-203DG DC16 1/2 (7)
2240168248.346140HF-203DG DC/24016 1/2 (7)
31201102362570140HF-303D DC***19(9)
324011023612.570140HF-303DG DC19(9)
424011364816.792140HF-403D DC**19(9)
*Approximate    **Without cord & plug.    ***Cord only, no plug
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