Opção de saída USB para transdutores mV


Opção de saída USB para transdutores mV | IN-USBH

Opção de saída USB para transdutores mV

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  • Opção de saída USB de alta velocidade para transdutores mV
  • Até 1000 leituras/segundo
  • Software para download gratuito
  • Invólucro de aço inoxidável 316L
  • Suporte de Montagem em Aço inoxidável incluído
  • Erros térmicos e de linearidade muito baixos
  • Excelente Estabilidade a longo prazo
  • Compatível com USB 2.0 ou anterior
  • Cabo com Conector USB Padrão
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The IN-USBH field calibratable In-Line Signal Conditioner adds digital USB output to mV/V pressure or load transducers. Free downloadable OMEGA PC software takes the data from the transducer directly to the digital domain, turning your laptop or Windows® tablet (with USB connection) into a virtual meter, chart recorder, and data logger. Export logged data to spreadsheet format for later viewing/analysis. The PC-connected IN-USBH provides regulated excitation to the transducer so that no external power supply is used. Sampling rates are adjustable up to 1000 Hz for dynamic or slow moving applications. Mounting bracket is included. Transducer interconnecting cable can be purchased separately. The IN-USBH is compatible with mV pressure and load sensors that meet the stated transducer requirements.

Have your Omega or other brand mV/V transducer calibrated with your IN-USBH signal conditioner at Omega’s state-of-the-art factory! Two options are available: Factory System Setup provides 2-point calibration at 0 and 100% Full Scale values. Factory System Calibration provides 5-point NIST Certified 0-50-100-50-0% of Full Scale value calibration points. Please note the cost of Factory System Setup or Factory System Calibration provides calibration in one direction only (either Compression or Tension for Load Cells, Positive or Negative Pressure for Pressure Transducers).

FREE OMEGA USBH Downloadable Software! OMEGA is excited to announce the release of a major software update for our USB transducers! The fresh look and added features add even more value and flexibility to your OMEGA transducer purchase. The new IN-USBH In-Line Signal Conditioner extends USB output and software functionality to almost any mV/V sensor. Visit ftp://ftp.omega.com/public/DASGroup/products/USBH/ to download your free copy.

Resolution: Up to 5.5 significant figures
Minimum Isolation: 2 MΩ @ 50 Vdc case to output terminations
A to D Conversion: 24 bit
Thermal Error: 0.001% FSO/°C
Linearity Error: 0.001% FSO
Bandwidth: Up to 1000 updates per second typical (± 3%)
Weight (Typical): 200 g (7.1 oz) (in-line signal conditioner and USB cable)
Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F)
Connection, Transducer Side: PT1H-10-6P 6-pin twist-lock male connector
Connection, USB Side: 2 m (6') USB 2.0 cable
Bridge Sensitivity: 1 to 400 mV/V
Bridge Resistance: 350Ω to 15,000Ω
Excitation Voltage: 4.1 Vdc (Transducer must be able to function at specified voltage)
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