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Individual Soil Test Kits | ITK and R-ITK

Individual Soil Test Kits

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  • Ideal for Quick Checks in the Field
  • Test for Single Parameters
Instrumentação para Análise de Água e Solo - Ver Produtos Relacionados


In addition to the combination outfits for agricultural and turf soils, a selection of single parameter test kits is available for soil nutrients that may be of particular interest or a problem to the grower.

All OMEGA™ soil test kits measure the portion of soil nutrients available for the plant to use. Since extraction not complete, the amount that is measured is relative and is dependent on the extraction procedure. Pounds per acre represents the number of pounds of soil in an acre down to the depth of 6-7 inches, and is = 2,000,000 lb.

Conversion from pounds per acre to parts per million is accomplished with the following formulas:
ppm x 2 = lb/acre
lb/acre x 0.5 = ppm
A number of variables must be considered when interpreting soil test results in addition to the values obtained. These variables include the composition of the soil, drainage, climate, previous fertilizer programs, and the type of plant to be grown. Samples must also be truly representative of the area being studied and must be carefully selected.

The overall texture of a soil affects growth in the root zone, which determines above-ground growth, and is determined by the proportions of sand, silt, and clay present.
Model No.MethodRange & SensitivityReagent System# of Tests
ITK-1067SettlingDetermines sand, silt, & clay
fraction, texture determined by chart
Dispersion, Floc.50
R-ITK-1067Reagent refill kit   

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Quick Ship
Disponível em: 4 semanas
conformidade RoHS
Determines sand, silt, & clay
Quick Ship
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conformidade RoHS
ITK reagent refill kit
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