OMEGALAQ™ Liquid Temperature Lacquers


Liquid Temperature Lacquers | LAQ

Liquid Temperature Lacquers

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  • Easy to Use
  • Temperature Ranges from 79 C (175F) to 1093C (2000F)
  • Fast Response Time
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OMEGALAQ™ Liquid LAQ Series uses the same material as used in in lacquer suspension. Lacquer serves a transport function only. OMEGALAQ™ may be thinned to ensure workable consistency. Thinning OMEGALAQ™ will not affect its accuracy. Order GREEN LABEL THINNER.

To use, simply shake or stir to a uniform consistency and apply a thin smear to the working surface before heating begins. It dries almost instantly to a mark. When the stated temperature is reached on subsequent heating, this mark liquifies sharply. A melted OMEGALAQ™ coating does not revert to its original dull-opaque appearance but remains glossytransparent which makes subsequent interpretation a simple matter.
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