Single Station Horizontal Level Switch  - Discontinued


Single Station Horizontal Level Switch | LVH-200

Single Station Horizontal Level Switch

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  • Ideal For Tanks With Inaccessible Tops Or Bottoms
  • Convenient Side Mounting In Small Tanks (Inside or Outside)
  • Very Compact Size
  • Selectable Normally Open or Normally Closed


The LVH-200 series has been discontinued. Please see the LVN90 as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering department.

The OMEGA™ LVH-200 single station horizontal level switch is cost effective for level control applications in small tanks where it is more convenient to install a level switch through the sidewall of the tank. When the float arm is raised to the switch housing, the switch is activated. As the float drops away from the housing, it is deactivated. The movement of the float brings the imbedded magnet into close proximity to the encapsulated reed switch, causing it to actuate. The contact function may be selected as either normally open or normally closed. When triggering inductive or capacitive loads, use the LVH-200 with external solid state relays.


Accuracy: ±5 mm in water
Repeatability: ±2 mm in water
Reed Type: dry contact, SPST
Thread NPT: 1/2"
Length, Overall: 114 mm (4.5")
Float Diameter: 18 mm (0.70")
Max. Temperature: -40 to 107 Degrees C (-40 to 225 Degrees F)
Cable: 60 cm (2'), 2 wire 22 gauge
Max. Pressure Rating: 100 psi
Min. Sp. Gravity Liquid: 0.55
Max. Switching Current: 20 VA @ 120 Vac (CE: 30 Vrms and 42.2 Vpeak or 60 Vdc)
Signal Output: Dry switch closure, selectable NO or NC states
Orientation: Horizontal
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