Precision Linear Thermistor Sensor

OL-701 and OL-702 Series

Precision Linear Thermistor Sensors General Purpose Sensor can be buried | OL-701 and OL-702 Series

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  • Sensors Contain 2 Thermistor Elements Which When Combined with the Optional Resistor Sets, Provide a Linear Output Over a Defined Temperature Range
  • Models OL-701 and OL-701-V Include 3 meters (120") of PVC Insulated Cable with Stripped Leads.
    Models OL-701-PP and OL-702 Include 3 meters (120") of PVC Insulated Cable with Phone Plug Connectors
  • Temperature Range 0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F)
  • Interchangeability ±0.15°C
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Series 700 Linear Response probe assemblies are fitted with precision 44018 linear thermistor elements rated to 100°C (212°F). Each is supplied with 3 meters (120") of PVC cable. A three (3) conductor phone plug or stripped lead termination is available. To order longer leads from the Sales Dept, place a "-length", in feet, after the model number up to 250 feet. Additional lead lengths are available at 80¢ per foot over 10 feet. See Section M for readout instrumentation.

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