AC Power Line Monitor/SurgeProtector


AC Power Line Monitor/SurgeProtector | OM-PM120

AC Power Line Monitor/SurgeProtector

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2 anos de garantia
  • Surge and Spike Protection
  • Advanced AC Line Diagnostics
  • Line Voltage Indicator
  • Five Individually Switched and Filtered AC Power Outlets
  • Multi-Color LED’s to Indicate Line Condition and Voltage Level
  • Protection for Fax/Modem Line
  • Diagnostic Reset Switch


The OM-PM120 is designed to provide clean filtered AC with power line diagnostics in a low profile enclosure that fits conveniently underneath a monitor. These units incorporate new advanced power line diagnostics to detect and indicate various types of AC power problems including power failure, brown out, low line voltage, and high line voltage. Monitored problems are registered on front panel LED's, and continue to show even after the fault has passed. A RESET switch clears the indicated fault condition. The OM-PM120 constantly monitors incoming line voltage and displays it in bar graph format on the front panel. Plugged into a UPS, the OM-PM120 can monitor the performance of the UPS and indicate dropping voltage level as the batteries deplete. The unit is equipped with special solid state surge suppression devices to protect equipment by absorbing dangerous over-voltage transients caused by lightning strikes or equipment such as air conditioners in the vicinity switching on and off.
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