7 & 14 Channel Low-Noise, High Accuracy, Thermocouple and mV Expansion Options for the OMB-LOGBOOK and OMB-DAQBOARD-2000 Series


7 & 14 Channel Low-Noise, High Accuracy,
Thermocouple and mV Expansion Options for the

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  • Measures Type J, K, T, E, R, S, B & N Thermocouples as well as Voltage up to ±100mV
  • Low Noise, High Accuracy, High Stability 100 kHz Maximum Scan Rate, Compatible with all OMB-LOGBOOK, OMB-DAQBOOK & DAQBOARD Models Operating at Maximum Sampling Rates
  • High Noise Immunity
  • Open Thermocouple Detection Per Channel
  • Over-Voltage Protection
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The new OMB-DBK81/82/83/84 are designed to provide very low noise thermocouple and milli-volt measurements, with high accuracy and very close tracking between channels. These new models provide thermocouple accuracy of better than 0.5°C, and noise that is typically less than 0.2°C p-p, with no digital averaging required.

The performance of these new OMB-DBK cards is enabled through their use of very low-noise amplifiers on every channel. Built-in cold junction compensation and software-based linearization automatically provides you with quiet and stable temperature measurements, with no need to deal with the usual complexities associated with thermocouple measurements.

All software that supports the OMB-DAQBOARD-2000 Series and OMB-LOGBOOK also support these new OMB-DBK options, providing you with accurate and stable temperature readings on every channel. Four different models are offered so you can choose the one that best fits your application.

The OMB-DBK81 provides 7 differential thermocouple/mV inputs, and installs into any OMB-LOGBOOK and OMB-DBK enclosure. The OMB-DBK81 provides on-board screw-terminals for connection of thermocouple/ mV signals directly to the card.

The OMB-DBK82 provides 14 differential channels of thermocouple/mV inputs, and is physically taller than other OMB-DBK cards. The OMB-DBK82 installs into an OMB-DBK60 where it can be wired directly to the mini-thermocouple connector panels. Note that the OMB-DBK82 will not install into a single-height slot in the OMB-DBK10. Further, the OMB-DBK82 consumes two expansion slots in the OMB-DBK41 10-slot enclosure.

System Connector:
All OMB-DBK options have a DB37 male,
which mates with P1 on the OMB-DAQBOARD-2000,
OMB-LOGBOOK or other OMB-DBK options.
Thermocouple/mV Connector:
OMB-DBK81: Board-mounted screw-terminals
OMB-DBK82: Board-mounted screw-terminals
OMB-DBK83: External pod-mounted
removable screw-terminals
OMB-DBK84: Mini-thermocouple connectors
Input Types: Thermocouple types
J, K, T, E, S, B, N; x100 (voltage)

OMB-DBK81: 7 differential thermocouple/mV inputs
OMB-DBK82/83/84: 14 differential thermocouple/mV inputs
Input Voltage Range: +/- 100mV*
Input Impedance: 40M(differential); 20M(single-ended)
Input Bandwidth: 4 Hz
Input Bias Current: 10nA typ
CMRR: 100dB typ

Maximum Working Voltage
(signal + common mode):
Over-Voltage Protection: ±40V

Power Requirements:
OMB-DBK81:35mA max from ±15V; 2mA max from ±5V
OMB-DBK82: 60mA max from ±15V; 2mA max from ±5V
OMB-DBK83: 60mA max from ±15V; 2mA max from ±5V
OMB-DBK84: 60mA max from ±15V; 2mA max from ±5V
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122 °F)
Voltage Accuracy: ±(0.2% of rdg + 50 mV)
Minimum Resolution:0.1°C for all thermocouple types
Thermocouple Accuracy: valid for one year, 18 to 28°C
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