High Speed Isolated Temperature/Voltage Interface
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High Speed Isolated Temperature/Voltage Interface | OMB-MULTISCAN-1200

High Speed Isolated Temperature/Voltage Interface

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  • Measure Temperature, ac/dc Voltage and Waveforms
  • Scan Thermocouples and dc Volts up to 147 Channels/s
  • Single-Channel Burst Mode for Digitizing Waveforms up to 20 kHz
  • Scanning Modules Available for 24 Channels of Thermocouple/Voltage or High Voltage
  • 744 Channel Max Expansion
  • Built-In IEEE-488 and RS-232/422 Interfaces
  • 32 TTL Digital Alarm Outputs and 8 TTL Digital Inputs
  • Two Programmable Scan Rates for: Pre-Trigger and Post-Trigger Sampling and Accelerated Sampling On-Event Detection
  • 256 Kbytes Memory, Expandable to 4 Mbytes and Real-Time Clock
  • Includes ChartView Datalogging and PostView Graphic Data Review Programs for Windows


The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 is no longer available please see the OMB-DAQSCAN-2000 as a possible alternative or contact our data aquisition department.

The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 is a compact, 19-inch rackmountable temperature and voltage measurement interface that features channel-to-channel isolation. It has the versatility to scan thermocouples and volts at up to 147 channels/s, and digitize waveforms up to 20 kHz.

The standard unit accepts 24 differential inputs for any combination of voltage and temperature measurements. It has a 16-bit A/D converter, oversampling, and averaging for low noise and AC line rejection.

Unlike most temperature measuring instruments and PC plug-in boards, which are difficult or expensive to expand beyond their built-in channel capacity, the OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 can be easily expanded up to 744 channels via low-cost slave expansion units.

The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 includes easy-to-program IEEE-488 and RS-232/422 interfaces. Two Windows applications, ChartView, a set up, acquisition, and display program; and PostView, a post-acquisition display program, are provided with each unit.

The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 can accept either the OMB-MTC-24 thermocouple/voltage or OMB-MHV-24 high voltage input module. Each module features 24 input channels. Using available expansion chassis, up to 30 additional input modules can be accommodated, yielding 744 total input channels.
The OMB-MTC-24 thermocouple/volts module accepts J, K, T, E, R, S, B, and N thermocouple types, or ±10 V, ±5 V, ±1 V, and ±100 mV inputs. Channel-to-channel isolation is 200 Vdc peak.
The OMB-MHV-24 high-voltage module accepts ±250 V, ±25 V, ±2.5 V. Channel-to-channel isolation is 500 Vdc peak.

Input Module Measurement Capability


The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 master unit can control up to 15 OMB-EXP-10A slave expansion units. Each OMB-EXP-10A accepts either one or two 24-channel input modules, providing a maximum of 744 input channels.

The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 provides an array of scanning capabilities to meet user application requirements. Because data logging applications frequently require the logging of readings at fixed time intervals, the OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 uses the standard hoursminutes- seconds (hh:mm:ss.s) format to specify the time interval between channel scans. Users can configure the unit to begin and end data logging on a specified event-such as a TTL signal, temperature level, IEEE GET, alarm condition, or absolute time of day-or upon completion of a specified number of readings.

The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 has a number of features and capabilities that enable it to deliver the high accuracy demanded by many research applications.

High Resolution
The unit’s high-speed 16-bit A/D converter enables it to offer up to 0.1°C and 3.12 µV resolution with the OMB-MTC-24 scanning module.

Noise Filtering
The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 filters ac line cycle noise by sampling and averaging 32 measurements per line cycle, or, for more demanding applications, by averaging across multiples of 1, 2, 4, or 8 line cycles. High-Accuracy Cold-Junction Compensation The OMB-MTC-24 thermocouple scanning module features three strategically located temperature sensors that provide high accuracy cold-junction compensation across all 24 inputs.

Accurate Linearization
The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 enables quick and accurate linearization by providing built-in lookup tables for popular thermocouple types, including J, K, T, E, R, S, B, and N. The unit can also store user-defined lookup tables in nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) for use with user-defined thermocouple linearization curves.

Many process-control applications require only periodic monitoring during normal conditions, with accelerated measurement and control until the process returns to a steady state. The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 provides 32 digital alarm outputs that can be activated on a perchannel basis via user-specified alarm conditions, and it automatically returns its alarm outputs to steady state once limit conditions are resolved.

The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 can also update alarmed output channels in real-time, at its programmed scan rate, and can alert the host computer of active alarm conditions via an IEEE-488 service request (SRQ). The ability to automatically update alarm outputs in real-time affords greater control of applications and reduces programming burden by eliminating the need for constant, per-channel monitoring by the controlling computer.

The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 features a real-time clock to synchronize acquisition to a specific time of day. During acquisition, the OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 stores the time and date of each data scan in memory, enabling later retrieval of this information for use in plotting and analyzing measurements over time. The unit also time and date stamps each channel’s high and low excursions, providing a precise time record of a channel’s minimum and maximum values.

The OMB-MULTISCAN-1200 has 256 Kbytes of data storage, which can be upgraded to 1 or 4 Mbytes with standard SIMMS (single in-line memory modules). Because individual measurements are not necessary for all data logging applications, the unit makes each channel’s high, low, and last readings available throughout acquisition.

The OMB-CHARTSCAN-1400 includes ChartView, Windows-based setup and acquisition application. ChartView provides a graphical spreadsheet style user interface that lets you easily configure your hardware, acquisition, and display parameters. ChartView features a no programming approach that enables data collection and display within minutes.
ChartView provides a number of data display options including a real-time smooth scrolling trend display, digital meters, analog meters, and bar graph meters. The collected data is stored to disk in an ASCII format so it may be easily imported into other applications, such as Microsoft Excel, for post acquisition display and analysis. In addition, ChartView also provides a real-time link to Excel using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). The OMBCHARTSCAN- 1400 also includes PostView, a post acquisition graphics display program that integrates seamlessly into ChartView. Using PostView’s intuitive on-screen controls, you can expand, contract and auto-scale waveforms as well as scroll in either direction. PostView also provides hardcopy printout of the waveform. The table to the right summarizes the differences between ChartView and ChartView Plus.
ChartView and ChartView Plus Feature Overview
Feature ChartView ChartView Plus
Display Groups 1 64
Display Charts 16 16
Channels per Chart 1 up to 4
Overlapped Channels  
Alarm Logging  
Chart Setup Wizard
Individual Channel Positioning
Remote Operation
Separate Pre- & Post-Scan Number
Separate Pre- & Post-Scan Rate
Alarm Channels 32 32
mX+b Scaling
mX+b Scaling
with Reference Channel
Digital Inputs
Digital/Analog Bar Graph Meters
Engineering Units
Label Channels
Links to Excel
PostView Included
Scale Data to User Units
Stand-Alone Operation
Uniform and Scaled Grids


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