Portable Data Logging and Alarming System - Discontinued



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  • Low Cost Systems Provided Complete with HyperWare Windows Software
  • Fully User Programmable Via Graphic Drag-and-Drop Icons
  • Four Universal Analog Inputs Accept Thermocouples, Voltage and Current
  • Four User Programmable Alarm Outputs
  • One High-Speed Counter/Event Input
  • Conditional Logging, Math, Integrals, Delta Logging and Much More
  • Low Power for Battery or Line Powered Use
  • Full Differential, Bipolar Inputs
  • Real-Time Trending to a PC Via Modem or RS-232 Link
  • 16,000 Sample Capacity (up to 400,000 When Using PCMCIA Memory Card)


The OMP-MNL has been discontinued. Please see the OM-SQ2040 as a possible alternative or contact our Data Acquisition Engineering department.

The OMP-MNL Series is a low-cost, self-contained portable data logging and alarming system. Its rugged enclosure contains the system microprocessor, data storage memory, A/D converter, signal conditioning circuitry for inputs and outputs, user switches, RS-232 port, and Cold Junction Compensation for thermocouples. After field data collection, the OMP-MNL’s memory is downloaded to a PC via an RS-232 port using our HyperWare Windows software, which is included with each OMP-MNL datalogger. The data can then be further manipulated, plotted and converted to various spreadsheet formats, for use with programs such as Microsoft Excel.

As a self-contained, battery powered, stand-alone unit, the OMP-MNL can be deployed at a location or incorporated into equipment where it silently samples digital and analog inputs, storing the data to memory. Easily programmed, the OMP-MNL has extremely powerful processing capabilities for data reduction (averaging, min/max, etc.), mathematical manipulation (algebraic, trig, time integrals, etc.), and intelligent data logging capabilities

Analog Input Channels
The OMP-MNL can accept up to four universal analog inputs which are software configurable for 6 thermocouple types, 15 DC voltage ranges (up to ±30 Vdc) or 7 DC current ranges. Each channel can be individually configured for a different input signal type as well as sampling strategy. An additional analog channel is provided for Cold Junction Compensation for thermocouple applications. If thermocouples are not used, this CJC channel is available as a system temperature, resistance, thermistor, or contact closure input.

Each of the analog input channels sports full differential inputs, software programmable gains and configuration, front-end completion circuitry and rugged suppression protection circuitry to insure reliable accurate signal conditioning. The innovative Cal-Check self-calibration feature has been enhanced within the OMP-MNL to include user-programmable self-calibration cycles for both analog input channels and the system A/D converter. Precision trimmed, temperature stabilized references insure accurate performance over time and temperature.

Digital Inputs and Alarm Outputs
In addition to the analog inputs, a software configurable general purpose digital input is provided for logging of events or hi-speed counting of digital signals from flow meters, or any pulse-type sources. The OMP-MNL also provides two isolated alarm relay outputs, a TTL alarm output, a status LED and a regulated, current-limited 5 Vdc output, all controllable under software.

User Interface
Enable, stop and reset switches as well as LED status indicators are provided at one end of the OMP-MNL module. Input and output wiring is handled through removable terminal strips which allow for simple mass connection and disconnection of wiring.

Designed for portable, plant floor, remote site and long-term remote data collections applications, the OMP-MNL incorporates low power CMOS circuitry, to provide up to 4 weeks of operation from its optional plug-on D-cell battery pack (the OMP-MNL does not have an internal battery). A low-voltage AC power transformer (provided) can used to power the unit indefinitely. With its compact package design, it’s perfect for incorporation into OEM equipment for performance and operational profiling.

HyperWare for Windows is a powerful multi-purpose software package provided with the OMP-MNL. It facilitates serial communications, provides for graphic programming of the OMP-MNL, real-time data trending, collected data graphic plotting and data export to other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

The logger accepts 10 to 32 Vdc or 10 to 26 Vac from any semi-regulated external source. A 120 Vac wall adapter is included with the OMP-MNL. For portable use an optional battery pack,the OMP-MNL-BATT, is also available.

Options and Accessories
The OMP-MNL is supplied with all the basic necessities that will make it ready for immediate use. However, several optional accessories are available that will greatly increase capabilities.

The OMP-ML-DISP-MNL display module will provide real-time readouts of any analog inputs, digital I/O and logger status. It simply attaches to the top of the OMP-MNL logger.

The OMP-MLIM-5 PCMCIA interface module can be attached to the base of the OMP-MNL series datalogger, which will expand the logger’s memory capacity up to 500,000 readings, depending on which PCMCIA card is used.

The OMP-MLIM-5-144 interface module is the same as the OMP-MLIM-5, with an additional 14.4 kbps modem installed, which will allow remote communications to a PC running Hyperware.

For remote applications where AC power is not available, the OMP-MNL-BATT battery pack module can be used to power the OMP-MNL datalogger up to 4 weeks. It accepts 6 standard D-cell batteries and is attached to the base of the datalogger (this is not a rechargeable battery pack). It may also be powered from any 10-32 Vdc or 10-26 Vac external power source. A 120 Vac power adapter is provided for powering via an ac outlet.

Thermocouple Input Ranges
ThermocoupleMaximum RangeAccuracy*
   J    Iron-Constantan 0 to 760°C
32 to 1400°F
   K    CHROMEGA™-ALOMEGA™ 0 to 1370°C
32 to 2498°F
   E    CHROMEGA™-Constantan -100 to 1000°C
-148 to 1832°F
   T    Copper-Constantan -160 to 400°C
-256 to 752°F
   R    Pt/13%Rh-Pt 0 to 1000°C
32 to 1832°F
   S    Pt/10%Rh-Pt 0 to 1750°C
32 to 3182°F
*Plus ±0.5°C CJC accuracy
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