Stack Lights, Indicating Lights, Signal Lights with Steady, Flashing & Strobe Light Modules with NEMA 4/4x/13 & IP65 Rating

Stack Lights - Warning Tower Lights, Complete Assembled Lights and Components

Stack Lights, Indicating Lights and Warning Towers  - Stacklights and Strobe Lights | Stack Lights - Warning Tower Lights, Complete Assembled Lights and Components

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  • Available as Assembled Stacklights or Components
  • Six Lens Colors
  • Variety of Lamp Types and Voltages
  • Single and Dual Bi-Tonal Audible Alarms
  • Multpile Mounting Options and Pole Heights
  • Up to Five Levels of Light or Audible Signaling Coditions
  • Interchangeability of Light option with the Same Light Module
Luzes de Pilha / Luzes de Aviso para Torre - Ver Produtos Relacionados


SIGNAL 50 warning tower lights from the J. Auer company are the perfect complement to any industrial control system. High grade, heavy duty and comprehensive, this 50 mm space saving line of stack lights is also flexible and extremely easy to assemble and install.

Best of Class
In comparing SIGNAL50 stack lights to competitive products from manufacturers including Patlite, IDEC, Federal Signal and Werma, the SIGNAL50 line of stack lights offer more features, approvals and options than any of these major stacklight manufacturers.

Rugged Construction for Industrial Applications
Heavy duty industrial polycarbonate is used to construct all indicating light modules and bases for the SIGNAL50 line of stacklights. A stainless steel, polemount base, set on zinc die-cast metal foot is also available. The entire line meets UL Type 4/4X/13 and IP65 guidelines for use indoors or out. No other manufacturer of competitive stacklights offers this extensive range of environmental approvals.

Over 100 Combinations of Lenses, Voltages and Illumination Types
Variety and interchangeability are standard with the SIGNAL50 stack lights. Six lens colors are available (green, red, amber, blue, yellow and clear), more than any other major manufacturer. Light modules are offered in four different voltages including 12 and 24 Vac/Vdc, 120 and 240 Vac. Illumination types include incandescent, LED and strobe. A special flashing LED is also available.

Assembling a Stacklight System
  1. Select a Stacklight Base Unit
    A variety of base units are available. Bases include a mounting foot, extension tube and pole cap.
  2. Select Up to Five Light Modules
    Light modules are available in a variety of colors in either steady, flashing or Xenon strobe configuration. Incandescent or LED light sources are available. The incandescent lights are lower cost and brighter than the LEDs, however, the LEDs have a greater bulb life. You may use up to 5 light modules or 4 light modules and one single circuit sound module or 3 light modules and one dual circuit sound module.
  3. Select Incandescent or LED Lamp Bulbs
    Please match the LED color to the light module color. Also note the Xenon strobe modules include bulbs.
  4. Optional Sound Module
    The single circuit bi-tonal sound module may be used with up to 4 light modules. The dual circuit sound module may be used with up to 3 light modules.
  5. Choose an Optional Junction Box
    The plastic bases mount on top of the junction box to facilitate circuit wiring. Zinc bases are direct mount and should not be used with the optional junction boxes.
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