Fixed Mount Fiber Optic Sensors

OS1513, OS1533 Superseded Product

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors | OS1513, OS1533 Superseded Product

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

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  • ±1.0%Accuracy
  • Emissivity Adjustment
  • Unaffected by Electrical Noise
  • Usable in Vacuum Chambers at up to 10 -7 Torr

    OS1513 General Purpose Sensor
  • 10 msec Time Constant
  • 160 to 1535°C (320 to 2800°F) Temperature Range
  • 0.020" at 6" Minimum Spot Size Available

    OS1533 High Speed Sensor
  • 0.3 msec Time Constant
  • 425 to 1370°C (800 to 2500°F) Temperature Range
  • 0.010" at 3" Minimum Spot Size Available


The OS1513 and OS15733 Series has been superseded, please see the OS4000 Series as a possible substitute or consult OMEGA's Temperature Engineering department.

The OS1513 and OS1533 fiber optic detectors are designed to be used specifically with the DP1511, DP1521 and DP1531 monitors and are appropriate for a variety of applications.

These fiber optic detectors are capable of temperatures measurements from 160 to 1535°C (320 to 2800°F).

These detectors are designed to be used with the appropriate monitor when conventional line of sight infrared measurements are not possible. The advantages of these fiber optic sensors include the ability to bypass opaque obstacles and to reach into closed areas for viewing. They can take measurements unattainable by conventional infrared pyrometers, as they are unaffected by media in the environment, such as smoke, water vapor, etc. The OS1513 and OS1533 are recommended for measurements in high energy fields or of small objects, down to 0.004" in diameter. For remote mounting of the electronics out of hazardous environments, the fiber optic lens and cable may be remotely mounted up to 30 feet from the infrared detector head. They can also be used in vacuum chamber applications, where the fiber optic assembly can be placed in vacuums to 10-7 Torr. Also available is a backlighting capability, where a beam of light illuminates the target, providing accurate indication of the target area.

Important factors which determine the fiber optic assembly best suited for your application are: the distance from the fiber optic lens to the surface being measured, the size of the object being measured; the temperature range being measured; the ambient temperature around the fiber optic cable; the length of the fiber optic cable; how the surface is being heated; and the atmospheric conditions between the sensor and the product.
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