Compact Infrared Sensor and Air Purge Head - Descontinuado

OS36-2 Series

Compact Infrared Sensor | OS36-2 Series

Compact Infrared Sensor

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  • Infrared Thermocouple Work-Horse
  • 35° (2:1) Field of View
  • Built-in Air Purge
  • J, K, E or T Thermocouple Output Signal
  • Use With Standard Thermocouple Indicators and Controllers
  • Self-Powered
  • Temperature Compensated
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Esta Série foi descontinuada. Por favor, contate nosso departamento de Engenharia para uma possível alternativa.

The small size and built-in features of the OS36-2 Series make it a convenient device for a wide variety of infrared monitoring tasks. The narrow 35° field of view and very small aperture allow for small target measurements to 4 mm (0.16"). The OS36-2 threaded head securely mounts through a bulkhead or threads into a tapped hole. The internal air purge passages provide a convenient and highly efficient method of maintaining optical cleanliness in harsh environments.

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