Pre-Wired Strain Gages, Biaxial Tee Rosette - Descontinuado

KFG Series

 | KFG Series

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  • Coveniently Priced per Pack of 10
  • Pre-Wired Strain Gages for Easy Installation
  • Perpendicular Grid for Axial Strain
  • 0°/90° Tee-Rosettes with Stacked Grids
  • Fully Encapsulated for Added Durability
  • Pre-Wired Gages With Either
    Two 3-ft (1 m) Leads or
    Three 9-ft (3 m) Leads
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OMEGA's T-Rosettes have 2 measuring grids laid out in an X-Y Pattern. They are available in a variety of different models to cover most strain measurement applications. The rugged construction and flexibility make these general purpose strain gages suitable for static and dynamic measurement with a high degree of accuracy. The measuring grid is formed by etching Constantan foil, which is then completely sealed in a carrier medium composed of polyimide film. These strain gages are pre-wired with either two 3-ft (1 m) leads or three 9-ft (3 m) leads. Standard strain gages have temperature coefficients matched to steel.
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