Submersible Flat Surface pH/ORP Electrodes

PHE-6510, PHE-6511, and ORE-6511

Submersible Flat Surface pH/ORP Electrodes | PHE-6510, PHE-6511, and ORE-6511

Submersible Flat Surface pH/ORP Electrodes

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  • 16 Month Shelf Life
  • CPVC or PVDF Construction
  • Designed For Mounting in Tanks, Flumes, etc
  • Easy Mounting in Tanks
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The OMEGA™ PHE/ORE-6510 Series submersible electrodes are designed for use in drums, open tanks and streams, etc. The flat sensing surface is surrounded by a porous polyethylene reference junction which minimizes fouling. Electrode installation and removal done by a simple 1/4 turn quick disconnect. The cable assembly's cap has 1/2" MNPT thread, which can be connected to a coupling and support pipe. The pipe allows easy mechanical mounting and protects the cable from the liquid measured. The resulting assembly is lightweight for convenient handling when maintenance is needed. ATC is available as part of the mounting assembly.

The flat surface design is well suited for applications with relatively high suspended solids or where flocculation operations require low velocities.

Where only low velocities are present and coating is a problem, the electrode can be mounted at a 45° angle facing the flow so as to obtain increased scrubbing action across the measuring surface.

Submersible Electrode Options
Ordering Suffix Description Available In Line Models
-HFHF resistant to 2% at ambient temperaturePHE-6510, PHE-6511, PHE-6510-GL
-GLGround LoopPHE-6510, ORE-6510
-LCLow ConductivityAll pH electrodes
-ACRYLACRYL GelAll models but PHE-5460

Note: At the time of initial purchase, please order both electrode and mounting assembly. Mounting assembly includes assembly in which the electrode is mounted and 10' cable. If ordered with automatic temperature compensation (ATC), the temperature compensator is built into the mounting assembly. When the electrode has expired, simply re-order the electrode (the mounting assembly is re-usable).

Please download PDF file for full specifications and a complete list of available models.
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