Fast Response Copper Tip RTD Sensors 100 Ohm Class A DIN Platinum Element

PRCU Series

Fast Response Copper Tip RTD Sensors 100 Ohm Class A DIN Platinum  Elements | PRCU Series

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  • Sensor Includes a Copper Tip Which Improves Thermal Response Time to 2 Seconds or Less (63% Response Time in Water Flowing at 3 Feet per Second).
  • Perfect for Use in Thermowells or as a Direct Immersion Sensor.
  • Can be Made in Many Sensor Configurations, and Can Be Used With a Wide Variety of Fittings and Accessories
  • Sensor Contains a Precision 100 Ohm Class A DIN Platinum Element
  • 2-, 3- or 4-Wire PFA Insulated and Jacketed Cables
  • Temperature Range: -50 to 260ºC
  • All Sensors Supplied to IEC60751/ASTM E-1137 Color Codes
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This sensor incorporates a copper tip which provides an efficient way to thermally connect the sensing element to the process conditions to be measured. This becomes especially important in applications where the sensor has little exposure to the item being measured such as in thermowells and bearing temperatures.

The PRCU sensor can be customized to function like many of our immersion sensor designs such as the PR-10 Immersion Probe, PR-13 Quick Disconnect Probes, PR-12,14,18 or 19 Spring Loaded Probes with Connection Heads.
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