Submersible Water Level Transmitter, Measure 0-5 ft to 0-690 ft of Water - Discontinued


Submersible Water Level Transmitter, Measure 0-5 ft to 0-690 ft of Water | PX437-8-9

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  • Available with Accuracies of 0.5%, 0.25% and 0.1% of Full Scale
  • Designed for Complete Submersibility
  • Welded 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Unique Cable Seal System Insures Water-Tight Integrity
  • High Static Accuracy and Repeatability
  • 100% Computer Tested, Calibrated and Serialized
  • Calibration Sheet Provided
  • Fully Temperature Compensated
  • Moisture Trap Included as Standard Feature


Our PX437 is being discontinued. We encourage you to use our newest submersible level transmitter with transient protection, the PX633 . This is a permanent replacement and is the optimal choice to satisfy all of your high demand level measuring applications.

OMEGA’s PX437, PX438 and PX439 Series submersible water level transmitters are designed to meet the rigorous environments of applications including well monitoring, pump tests, lift stations, chemical tank level, ground water and surface water measurement and process control and many others. They provide repeatable, precision depth measurements under the most adverse conditions.These transducers utilize a silicon pressure cell fitted into a stainless steel housing with an integral welded 316 stainless steel barrier diaphragm. The supplied calibration sheet specifies input and output data which reflects the unit’s static accuracy and thermal characteristics. Each transducer is shipped with a moisture trap that prevents moisture from entering the vent tube. Replacement moisture traps are available as accessory items.

Excitation: 9 to 30 Vdc, reverse polarity protected
Output: 4 to 20 mA dc, 2 wire, short circuit protected
Input Current: 20 mA max
Zero Offset: ±0.12 mA max
Insulation Resistance: 100 MΩ at 50Vdc
Accuracy: PX437 0.1% FS BFSL, PX438 0.25% FS BFSL, PX439 0.5% FS BFSL (includes linearity, hysteresis and repeatability)
Response Time: 2 ms
Operating Temperature: -10 to 60°C (15 to 140°F)
Compensated Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 120°F)
Combined Thermal Effect: ±0.05% FS/°C (Zero and Span) 0.1% FS/°C for 2 and 5 psig ranges
Proof Pressure: 150%
Burst Pressure: 200%
Wetted Parts: 316 Stainless Steel, acetal, Polyurethane Cable FKM or PFE
Fill Fluid: Silicone oil
Mounting Provisions: Suspended by cable. For turbulent conditions, specify optional mounting clamp Electrical
Connections: Submersible cable terminating in pigtail leads
Cable: Polyurethane jacketed shielded cable with polyethylene vent tube and Kevlar® tension members 198 lb (90 kg) pull strength Conductors are 22 AWG
Weight: 200 g (7 oz) transducer 79 g/m cable (0.8 oz/ft) cable weight

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