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PX70 Series

 | PX70 Series

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  • TO-5 Package Suitable for PC Board Mounting
  • Gage, Absolute and Differential Models
  • Full Scale Ranges from 0.3 to 100 psi
  • For Clean Dry Non-corrosive Gases
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The PX70 Series is a piezoresistive pressure sensor, packaged in a TO- 5 case suitable for PC board mounting. The PX70 is available in full scale ranges from 0.3 to 100 psi as well as four standard package options. The PX71 for gage and absolute ranges, is available without fittings while the PX72 has a top mounted tube fitting (bottom is vent for gage). The PX73 is also available in gage ranges and has a bottom tube fitting (top is vent). For differential measurements the PX74 has top and bottom tubes and can be used for uni- or bidirectional measurement.

Linearity: ±0.5% FS
Repeatability: ±0.3% FS
Excitation: 5 Vdc (10 Vdc max)
Storage Temp Range: -40 to 125± (-40 to 257°F)
Compensated Temp Range: -15 to 85°C (5 to 185°F)
Zero Temp Coefficient: 0.07% FS/°C
Span Temp Coefficient: 0.05% FS/°C
Bridge Impedance: 3300 ±700 Ω
Proof Pressure: Range <100 psi >3x FS; 100 psi range = 2x FS
Burst Pressure: Range <100 psi >5x FS; 100 psi range = 3x FS
Common-Mode Pressure: 50 psi
Compatible Meters: DP41-S, DP25-S (see section D)
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