Programmable Chart Recorders 100mm and 180 mm - Discontinued

RD200 and RD2800 Series

Temperature Chart Recorders | RD200 and RD2800 Series

Temperature Chart Recorders

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  • Simultaneous Digital Displays of Multipoint Data
  • Universal input The recorders accept total 56 ranges of 10 DC voltage ranges, 35 thermocouple ranges and 11 resistance thermometer ranges, and these ranges can be programmed for each channel.
  • Universal power voltage 100VAC to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Clear trend and digital printings Cassette type wire-dotting system 6-color ink ribbon for clear trend and digital printings
  • Alarm Display/Printings
  • Chart illumination Convenient to confirm printed data in night or dark places
  • Software Package “KIDS” Available
  • Conforms to CE, UL, and CSA Standards


The RD200 and RD2800 series have been discontinued. Please see the CTXL Series as a possible alternative or contact our sales department. Accessories are still available.

The RD200 and RD2800 Series chart recorders are 100 mm, multipoint, hybrid recorders that can print/display multichannel and alarm data simultaneously. A total of 56 ranges can be programmed for each channel: 35 thermocouple, 11 RTD, and 10 DC voltage. The user can also program up to 4 levels of alarm for each channel; optional alarm outputs are available. The recorders display alarm settings (status and channels), and can print channel alarms and alarm numbers. A data acquisition software package, “KIDS”, lets the user create real-time and historical data/trend displays. The RD200 and 2800 Series chart recorders are manufactured in ISO9001-certified facilities and conform to CE, UL, and CSA safety standards.

Data acquisition software package "KIDS" (RD2800-KIDS)
The "KIDS" is a software package for storing data being measured by RD200 and RD2800 series recorders and for replaying of the stored data.
Main function and features:
- Data processing: Up to 5 sets (max. 100 channels) - Real-time data, real-time trend, historical data, historical trend and daily report
- Communications interfaces: RS-232C, RS-422A or RS-485 - Stored data: Enable to export to Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 and other application software
- OS: Windows 95/98, Windows NT4.0

Engineering software package "PASS" (RD2800-PASS)
The "PASS" is a software package, through a communications interface (optional) or a configuration port, for programming parameters of RD200 and RD2800 series recorders by a personal computer.
Main functions and features:
- Input parameters: Ranges, scales, tags, engineering units, alarms, burnout
- Printing parameters: Chart speed, data interval, subtract printing, zone printing, automatic range-shift printing - Operation: Message printing
- Others: Clock setting, temperature units (ºC, ºF), alarm deadband, communications specification (for programming through a configuration port only)
- OS: Windows95/98, WindowsNT4.0


Baixar RD200 and RD2800 Series - Quick Start Manual RD200/RD2800 Series
Baixar RD200 and RD2800 Series - Hybrid Recorders
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