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 | RD-MV100

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  • Up to 12 Channels on RD-MV100
  • Up to 30 Channels on RD-MV200
  • Programmable Inputs: Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage
  • TFT Color LCD for Better Viewing
  • Removable Storage on 3.5" Floppy Disk, Zip Disk, or PCMCIA ATA Flash Memory Card
  • Data Collection Over Ethernet Network (Standard)
  • Network-Compatible Sophisticated Software
  • Highly Reliable Hardware


The RD-MV100 Series has been discontinued. Please see the RD9900 Series as a possible alternative or contact our Data Acquisition Engineering Department.


  • 5.5-inch LCD color display, wide-viewing-angle (RD-MV100)

  • 10.4 inch LCD color display, wide-viewing-angle (RD-MV200)

  • Status display area
    Graphically displays the operating status of the RD-MV100/RD-MV200

  • Trend display area
    (simultaneous display of all channels possible) Displays the scale values and engineering unit for each channel and arbitrary messages, along with the waveforms. The orientation (vertical/ horizontal) of the trend display and background color (white/black) can be switched. The fastest trend display update rate is 15 sec/div (approximately 2376 mm/h in terms of display speed) for a 125-ms measurement interval model.

  • Digital display area
    Displays channels/tag numbers, engineering units, and each channel's alarm status, as well as the measurement values. The fastest display update interval is 1 second.

  • Reliable Data Storage in Internal Reliable Data Storage in Internal Memory
    The RD-MV100/200 saves measurement data in internal memory. Data in internal memory can also be transferred to PCs or data servers either online or using a removable storage medium. The measurement data memory consists of nonvolatile flash memory (1.2 MB) that does not require battery backup. This means data written to memory will not be lost due to events such as a power outage.

  • Simultaneous Extended-Period Data Storage and Detailed Analysis Simultaneous Extended-Period Data Storage and Detailed Analysis
    Display data. for extended-period trend recording
    The display data format is used to save data displayed as waveforms. Each time the waveform display is updated, two data values (maximum and minimum values) measured since the previous update are saved.
    Event data. for detailed analysis
    The event data format is used to save all data in a specified data saving interval. Event data can be used in combination with the trigger functions to detect and analyze abnormal data. A pretrigger can also be set, making it possible to analyze data before and after the trigger.

  • Removable storage drive
    Choose from a floppy disk drive, Zip drive, or PCMCIA ATA flash memory card slot.

  • Network Communication Options
    Ethernet (10BASE-T), RS-232 or RS-422-A/485
    The RD-MV100/RD-MV200 can easily be connected directly to a PC, even without using general communication protocols such as GP-IB and RS-232-C. Use a cross Ethernet cable for a one-to-one connection.

  • Optional Alarm output and remote control

  • Input modules
    DC voltage, TC, RTD and digital inputs (can be mixed). Clamp or screw terminals can be selected

    Input Range/Type Measuring range Measurement accuracy
    (digital display)
    Digital display
    DCV 20mV -20.00 to 20.00 mV ±(0.1% of rdg + 2 digits) 10 µV
    60mV -60.00 to 60.00 mV 10 µV
    200mV -200.00 to 200.00 mV 100 µV
    2V -2.000 to 2.000 V 1 mV
    6V -6.000 to 6.000 V 1 mV
    20V -20.00 to 20.00 V 10 mV
    TC R 0.0 to 1760.0°C 32 to 3200°F ±(0.15% of rdg + 1°C)
    R, S: 0 to 100°C, ±3.7°C;
    100 to 300°C, ±1.5°C B: 400 to
    600°C, ±2°C; if less than 400°C,
    accuracy is not guaranteed.
    S 0.0 to 1760.0°C 32 to 3200°F
    B 0.0 to 1820.0°C 32 to 3200°F
    K 200.0 to 1370.0°C -328 to 2498°F ±(0.15% of rdg + 0.7°C)
    If -200 to -100°C, then
    ±(0.15% of rdg + 1°C)
    E -200.0 to 800.0°C -328.0 to 1472.0°F ±(0.15% of rdg + 0.5°C)
    J 200.0 to 1100.0°C -328.0 to 2012.0°F ±(0.15% of rdg + 0.5°C)
    If -200 to -100°C, then
    ±(0.15% of rdg + 0.7°C)
    T -200.0 to 400.0°C -328.0 to 752.0°F
    N 0.0 to 1300.0°C 32 to 2372°F ±(0.15% of rdg + 0.7°C)
    C 0.0 to 2315.0°C -328.0 to 4199°F ±(0.15% of rdg + 1°C)
    L -200.0 to 900.0°C -328.0 to 1652.0°F ±(0.15% of rdg + 0.5°C)
    If -200 to -100°C then
    ±(0.15% of rdg + 0.7°C)
    U -200.0 to 400.0°C -328.0 to 752.0°F
    RTD Pt100 -200.0 to 600.0°C ±(0.15% of rdg + 0.3°C)
    JPt100 -200.0 to 550.0°C
    DI Voltage Input OFF: Less than 2.4 V
    ON: 2.4 V or greater
    Contact inputt Contact ON/OFF
  • Manuais:

    Baixar RD-MV200 - RD-MV200 Series Recorder User Manual
    Baixar RD-MV100/200 - RD-MV100/200 Communications Interface Manual
    Baixar RD-MV100 - RD-MV100 Series Recorder User Manual
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