Self-Adhesive Thermocouples


Self-Adhesive Thermocouples | SA3

Self-Adhesive Thermocouples

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  • Polyimide Carrier
  • Self-Adhesive Backing
  • Low Mass Junction Area for Fast Response
  • Resistant to many Chemicals and Oils
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 260°C (-40 to 500°F)
  • Available in Type J, K, T, and E Thermocouples, ANSI or IEC Color Codes
  • Available with Miniature Color Coded Connectors
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These thermocouples can be used in outdoor and wet environments, including bright sunlight, with little to no effect on performance or accuracy. Our unique construction techniques provides a fast responding thermocouple junction in a thin and flexible mounting pad. These SA3 thermocouples are available in 2 styles, stripped #30AWG solid leads, or with a miniature color coded connector.

Thermocouple: ANSI color code J/K/T/E or IEC color code JI/KI/TI/EI
Accuracy: Special limits of error
Junction Type: Ungrounded sensor construction
     Polyimide tape base with silicone adhesive and paper peel sheet
     Polyimide tape cover
     PFA insulated and jacketed 30 AWG cable
     Glass filled nylon connector when specified
Temperature Range:
    Sensor: -17 to 260°C (0 to 500°F)
    Connector: -29 to 180°C (-20 to 356°F)
Insulation Resistance: 100 MΩ minimum at 100 Vdc at room temperature and sensor mounted to surface
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