Stainless Steel Cartridge Heater 0.13-1.25" OD 1-36" Long


Stainless Steel Cartridge Heater 0.13-1.25

Stainless Steel Cartridge Heater 0.13-1.25" OD 1-36" Long

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  • 304 Stainless steel sheath for excellent thermal conductivity
  • Sheath temperatures up to 677°C (1250°F)
  • Diameters between 1/8 in to 1 1/4 in
  • Lengths from 1 in to 36 in (2.5 to 91 cm)
  • Fiberglass insulated lead wire
  • 12 in lead length standard
  • 120 V and 240 V options available
  • Great for applications such as dies, molds, hot melts and more
  • 16 termination options available, see spec sheet
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Omega’s SCH-Series cartridge heaters are designed to provide maximum wattage in limited spaces. This heater series is offered with high and low density options. The sheath is made of 304 stainless steel which provides uniform heat distribution and good thermal conductivity for fast heating. A variety of cold-end terminations, mounting and threading options are available for maximum versatility. Applications for this cartridge heater include packaging, rubber molding, form fill and sealing, platen heating, HVAC compressors, die casting, hot melt adhesives, food manufacturing and extrusion.
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