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Vacuum Thermocouple Sensors With KF Style Flanges and M12 Connection - Descontinuado

TCV-M12 Series

Vacuum Thermocouple Sensors | Vacuum Chamber Temperature | Thermal Vacuum | M12 Connection | Industrial HEating | TCV-M12 Series

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  • For use with Vacuum Chambers and Vacuum Ovens with ISO 2061 Fittings; #10, #16, #25 and #40 Standard
  • #10 and #16 Flanged Sensors Have 1/8" Diameter Probe
  • #25 and #40 Flanged Sensors Have 1/4" Diameter Probes
  • M12 Connector with Thermocouple Pins, Maximum Temperature 85°C
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Grounded or Ungrounded Type K, T, and E Thermocouples are Special Limits of Error
  • Single or Dual Thermocouple Construction Optional
  • Custom Probe Length Available
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The OMEGA™ Vacuum thermocouples are designed to be used in Vacuum Chambers or Vacuum Ovens or any process chamber that has an existing KF style flanged connection. #10 and #16 flanged sensors are provided with 1/8" diameter, and #25 and #40 flanged sensors are provided with 1/4" diameter probes. Standard probes are available in K, T and E calibrations. * Please call sales for available options including special probe lengths

View the Thermocouple Accuracy and Color Code charts
Preços indicados em Reais e já incluem todos os impostos e taxas de acordo com a legislação vigente. Nota: (*) = Specify Type (“K”, “T” or “E” thermocouple). (**) = Specify junction style (“G” = grounded, “U” = ungrounded). (***) = Specify the probe length in inches (“0300” = 3", “0600” = 6", “0950” = 9 ½", “1200” = 12"). For lengths between those shown, indicate the required length as shown above and select the next longer length price. For lengths greater than 12", add the additional cost per inch to the 12" price.

Construtor de Código de Produto

Construa o Código do Produto Abaixo:
Descrições das Opções:

(1) Thermocouple Type Selecione :
K por Thermocouple Type K
E por Thermocouple Type E
T por Thermocouple Type T

(2) Junction Style Selecione :
U por Junction style ungrounded
G por Junction style grounded

(3) Probe Length Selecione :
0300 por 3 in
0600 por 6 in
0950 por 9 ½ in
1200 por 12 in

(4) KF Flange Selecione :
10 por #10
16 por #16
25 por #25
40 por #40
Nota: Algumas combinações podem ser inválidas, por favor verifique a folha de especificações para códigos de produtos válidos.
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