Jack Panels with Color Coded 3 Prong Connectors


Jack Panels with Color Coded 3 Prong Connectors | TJP

Jack Panels with Color Coded 3 Prong Connectors

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  • Fully Assembled
  • Snap-In Jacks
  • Number Labels Included with Packaging
  • Easy Installation
  • Convenient
  • Rugged 3/32" Anodized Panels
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OMEGA introduces jack panels for use with RTDs, thermistors and shielded thermocouples! Using the TJP snap-in panel jacks, the same versatility given to thermocouples is now possible for sensors requiring 3 lead wires.

The snap-in jacks have 3 female terminals that will accept any 3 prong OTP male connector. They can accommodate wires up to 14 AWG and are made from alloys to match ANSI thermocouple grade calibrations.

The TJP panel jacks are made of rugged, high impact plastic, and have a maximum service temperature of 400°F (205°C). They are mounted in 3/32" panels of anodized aluminum.

Other panels available upon request. Send an email to custom@omega.com for pricing & availability. Customs Panels are $1000 minimum order for custom SKU part number.

NOTE: Male plugs can be supplied in place of the female jacks on all OMEGA panels, if desired.

Mounts in a Rectangular Cutout

Circuits Per Row 1 Row (3" H)2 Rows (5 1/4" H)3 Rows (8" H)4 Rows (10" H)
6 (5 3/4" L)Model No.TJP1-06-[*]TJP2-12-[*]TJP3-18-[*]TJP4-24-[*]
12 (10 1/4" L)Model No.TJP1-12-[*]TJP2-24-[*]TJP3-36-[*]TJP4-48-[*]
18 (14 3/4" L)Model No.TJP1-18-[*]TJP2-36-[*]TJP3-54-[*]TJP4-72-[*]
*Insert thermocouple calibration


Prices shown are for J, K, T, E, N,
and U calibrations. To price more than one panel of any type, use the following price schedule:
1 Row ………$20 per panel, + jacks
2 Rows ………$25 per panel, + jacks
3 Rows ………$30 per panel, + jacks
4 Rows ………$35 per panel, + jacks
3 prong panel jacks, Model No. TPJ:$4.50 ea.
Use connector quantity discount schedule. Blank panel prices are not discounted.
Note: All TJP jack panels are assembled at no extra cost!

Discount Schedule for TPJ Connectors
1 to 10..........Net
11 to 24..........10%
25 to 99..........20%
100 and up.........Consult Sales
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