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High Temperature Thermocouple for Ovens and Furnaces | TOS-Series

High Temperature Thermocouple for Ovens and Furnaces

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  • 316 SS Insertion Tube with Mounting Bracket
  • Rugged 20 AWG Stranded Thermocouple Wire with Fiberglass Insulation and Optional Stainless Steel Overbraiding
  • Insertion Temperature: 204°C (400°F) Continuous
  • 315°C (600°F) Intermittently
  • Available in J/K/T/E/N Thermocouple Types
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Designed for use in oven monitoring or other applications where a simple ¼-20 mounting bolt/screw is needed. The thermocouple sensor can withstand constant temperatures of 204°C (400°F) and 315°C (600°F) intermittently.

The stainless steel braided cable provides abrasion resistance and easy installation into cable trays or ducts. The sensor can be customized with a longer probe length, longer cable length, or other thermocouple type.

Insertion Length: 25.4 mm (1.0")
Tube: 316 SS
Tube Diameter: 4.77 mm (0.188")
Mounting Bracket: 316 SS
Mounting Hole: 5 mm (0.2") dia.
Cable: 20 AWG stranded, fiberglass insulation, 300 Series SS overbraiding
Cable Length: 0.9 m (36")
Thermocouple: Ungrounded or grounded available
Maximum Temperatures
    Probe and Cable: 204°C (400°F)
    Mounting Bracket Braze:
        Connection: 204°C (400°F)
        Continuous: 316°C (600°F) intermittently
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