8-Channel Thermocouple Input USB Data Acquisition Module


8-Channel Thermocouple Input USB Data Acquisition Module | USB-4718

8-Channel Thermocouple Input USB Data Acquisition Module

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  • Supports USB 2.0
  • Portable
  • Bus-Powered
  • 8 Differential Analog Input Channels
  • 16-Bit Resolution
  • 8 DI/8 DO
  • Wiring Terminal on Modules
  • Suitable for DIN-Rail Mounting
  • Lockable USB Cable for Rigid Connection


The USB-4700 series consists of true Plug & Play data acquisition devices. No more opening up your computer chassis to install boardsjust plug in the module, then get the data. It’s easy and efficient.

The USB-4718 offers 8 thermocouple inputs with 16-bit resolution, up to 0.1% input range accuracy, or 4 to 20 mA Inputs. Reliable and rugged enough for industrial applications, yet inexpensive enough for all types of projects, the USB-4718 is the perfect way to add measurement and control capability to any USB capable computer.

The USB-4718 is fully USB plug and play and easy to use. It obtains all required power from the USB port, so no external power connection is ever required. Data collection is simple. Simply plug the data acquisition module into an available USB port and our easy-to-use Windows software does the rest. The software converts your PC into a real-time strip chart recorder. Data can be printed in graphical or tabular format. It can also be exported to a text or Microsoft Excel file.


Accuracy: ±0.1% for voltage input
Bandwidth: 13.1 Hz @ 50 Hz, 15.72 Hz @ 60 Hz
Channels: Eight differential
Ch. Independent Conf: Yes CMR @ 50/60 Hz: 92 dB min
Resolution: 16-bits
Input Impedance: 20 M.
lnput Range: 0 to 15 mV, 0 to 50 mV, 0 to 100 mV,
0 to 500 mV, 0 to 1V, 0 to 2.5V, 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA
lnput Types: Thermocouple, mV, V, mA
Sampling Rate: 10 samples/sec (total)
Span Drift: ±25 ppm/°C
TVS/ESD Protection: Built-in
Zero Drift: ±3 µV/° C

Input Voltage:
Logic 0: 2V max
Logic 1: 5V min (30 V max)
Isolation Protection: 2500 Vdc
Opto-Isolator Response: 25 µS

Output Type: Sink (NPN)
Isolation Protection: 2500 Vdc
Output Voltage: 5 to 30 Vdc, 1.1 A max/total
Sink Current: 200 mA max/channel
Opto-isolator Response: 25 µS

Bus Type:
USB 2.0
Software: Windows 2000/XP
I/O Connector: Onboard screw terminal
80 H x 132 L x 32 mm D
(3.1 x 5.2 x 1.3")
Power Consumption: 100 mA @ 5V
Power Input: 5V from USB line
Watchdog Timer: 1.6 sec (system)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storing Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Storing Humidity: 5 to 95% RH non-condensing

Thermocouple Ranges and Accuracy
ThermocoupleInput RangeTypical Accuracy Maximum Error
J0 to 760°C (32 to 1400°F)±1.0°C±1.5°C
K0 to 1370°C (32 to 2498°F)±1.0°C±1.5°C
T-100 to 400°C (-148 to 752°F)±1.0°C±1.5°C
E0 to 1000°C (32 to 1832°F)±1.0°C±1.5°C
R500 to 1750°C (932 to 3182°F)±1.2°C±2.5°C
S500 to 1750°C (932 to 3182°F)±1.2°C±2.5°C
B500 to 1800°C (932 to 3272°F)±2.0°C±3.0°C
Note: Due to the location of the CJC sensor, the measurement will have a 1°C maximum difference in channels.
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