Wiring Duct for Routing and Organizing Wire in Control Panels

WD Series Wire Duct

Wire Duct, Cable Management, Wiring Duct, Wire Channel, PVC Wire Raceway | WD Series Wire Duct

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  • Excellent Lid Retention to Combat Vibration
  • Design Aids in Cable Retention During Installation
  • Made of Self Extinguishing PVC-UL 94 V-O Rating
  • Cover Included in Price
  • Meets DIN Standard 43659
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Typical applications of wire duct used in electrical control cabinet (above) and to contain power and networking cables in one of Omega’s training centers.
WD Series wiring duct is the premium wire management product for routing and organizing wiring in control panels. Wire duct is one of the cable management products developed specifically for use within cabinets and control panels. These wiring ducts come in a variety of sizes and colors to meet the specific needs of the largest integrated turnkey systems, to the small control panel projects.

External Dimensions including lid:
Length: 2 m (6.6')
Width: 25= 29mm (1.14"); 40= 41mm (1.61"); 60= 54mm (2.13")
Height: 40= 41mm (1.61"); 60= 54mm (2.13"); 80= 79mm (3.11")
Service Temperature: -15 to 60°C (-5 to 140°F)
Standard Slot:  Grey, White, Black or Blue
    Width: 8 mm (0.31")
    Pitch: 20 mm (0.79")
Thin Slot:  Grey, White, or Black
    Width: 4 mm (0.16")
    Pitch: 10 mm (0.39")
Colors: Grey, White, Blue or Black is available in single pieces.
For colors please call to place you order.
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