Wall Mounted Room Thermostats  - Discontinued

WR-80 and WR-90

Wall Mounted Room Thermostats | WR-80 and WR-90

Wall Mounted Room Thermostats

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  • UL Listed, CSA Certified
  • Positive Snap-Action Switch
  • 3 Models Available
  • Maximum Temperature Range to 32°C (90°F)
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The WR series has been discontinued. Please contact our Temperature Engineering department for a viable replacement.

The WR Series Room Thermostats are designed to directly control individual heaters or, by using an external contactor, can control several heaters. The WR-90 is particularly useful for maintaining lower temperatures (in garages, warehouses, etc.) and avoiding unnecessary heating costs.

Each design has accuracy and provides long reliable service with a 3° control differential. Both units are heavy duty, single stage, with a SPST line voltage snap-action switch and are finished with tough, metallic gray enamel housings.

The WR80-EP room thermostat is designed to control individual heaters directly or by using an external contactor to control several heaters. It provides accuracy, long and reliable service. The control is a heavy duty, single stage, SPST line voltage snap-action switch featuring an external, coiled sensing element and adjustable setpoint knob.

WARNING: Hazard of Fire. The WR thermostats are designed for temperature control service only. Because they do not fail-safe, they should not be used for temperature limiting duty.


Maximum Rating (Amps/Watts) Model No. Wt.
120V 240V 277V 480V 115V 230V
* Pilot duty for use with AC contactor
** Pilot duty for use with DC contactor
† DC Ratings are not UL Listed
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