Industrial Duty Rotary Encoder with Single Channel or Quadrature Output - Can be Converted to Industrial Length Sensor

ZB SERIES Rotary Encoder

Industrial Duty Rotary Encoder, Length Sensor | ZB SERIES Rotary Encoder

Industrial Duty Rotary Encoder, Length Sensor

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  • Single Channel or Quadrature Output Models
  • Current Sinking, 250 mA Maximum
  • 4.75 to 28 Vdc Supply Voltage
  • Up to 1000 PPR for High Resolution Precision Counting or Speed Measurement
  • 6000 RPM Shaft Speed
  • Conversion Bracket for Length Sensor Measurement
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AU-ZBG10002 encoders with the length sensor conversion kits are used for precise speed control in Omega's manufacturing process for metal sheath thermocouple wire.

The ZB Series shaft encoders are general duty industrial rotary pulse generators. The AU-ZBG models are for single channel sensing for counting, one directional measuring or speed applications. The AU-ZBH models are for quadrature applications, allowing for counting up and down along with speed and direction measurements. A conversion bracket is available to easily convert this encoder into a length measuring sensor. They can be direct-coupled to a machine shaft by means of a flexible-bellows, spring, or rubber sleeve type coupling that allows for axial and radial misalignment. They can also be coupled with light instrument timing-belts. Timing-belt drives also allow convenient gear-up or geardown speed ratio changes that can be useful for obtaining non-standard PPR rates.

Supply Voltage: 4.75 to 28 Vdc
Output: Current sinking, 250 mA maximum current per output
Maximum Frequency: 1000 ppr, 20 KHz
Connections: 6-pin MS style connector (male) (MIL-C-5015)

See SPECS above for full specifications and additional information on length sensor conversion kit.
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