High Temperature Pressure Transducers

Series PX1004 y PX1009

High Temperature Pressure Transducers
 PX1004 PX1009 | Series PX1004 y PX1009

High Temperature Pressure Transducers PX1004 PX1009

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  • High Operating Temperature -54°C a 232°C (PX1004); -54°C a 343°C (PX1009)
  • High Performance ±0.25% BSL Full Scale
  • Low Thermal Drift 1%/100 °F
  • Proven High Reliability at High Temperature
  • Exceptional Stability
  • 5 Point Calibration Included
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OMEGA’s PX1004 and PX1009 Sputtered Thin Film Pressure Transducers are designed for high temperature applications. These transducers can operate in temperature ranges from -65°F to +450°F or +650°F. Yet, even in these difficult high temperatures, they provide outstanding accuracy, long-term calibration stability and reliability. Static accuracy is ±0.25%, and thermal zero and sensitivity shifts over their compensated range are less than ±0.01%/°F. OMEGA’s thin film technology makes this premium performance possible. The strain gages are sputter-deposited, forming a molecular bond with the substrate. There is virtually no shift, drift, or creep to cause the transducer’s calibration to change. The all-welded stainless steel pressure cavity and double-isolated case ensures pressure integrity and reliability in these tough environments. These high-temperature transducers are available in many standard ranges from 15 psi to 10,000 psi (specify gage or absolute pressure). A NIST traceable calibration record is available for these units.

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Note: Ultra-High Temperature PX1009 Transducers are built to order. Check with sales for availability.
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