RS-485 COM1 or COM2 Interface for PCs - Discontinued


 | CIO-COM485

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  • RS-485 Serial Interface
  • COM1, COM2 or Any Other COM address
  • Software Enables TRx and Rx
  • Up to 56K Baud
  • Access to IR Levels 2-7


The CIO-COM485 model has been discontinued. Please contact our DAS Engineering department for possible alternatives.

The CIO-COM485 adds a single EIA compliant RS-485 port to your computer. RS-485 ports support longer transmission lines than the more common RS-232 and have the ability to switch between transmit and receive signals at the connector. The CIO-COM485 serial interface is designed around the standard serial communications chip used in PC serial I/O ports: COM1 and COM2.

The CIO-COM485 may be set up as COM1 or COM2 by choosing the appropriate base I/O address and interrupt. The register which controls transceiver enable/disable is located at the board’s Base+7 address. Writing to Base+7 controls the transmitters while reading from the register reads the current status.

The CIO-COM485 is equipped with two DB9 connectors for RS485 9 pin connectors and cables. In addition, in compliance with RS485, pins 5 & 9 are tied together as are pins 4 and 8.
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