Industrial Digital LED Displays with Networking Capabilities - Discontinued

EZM Series Large Digital LED Displays

Large Industrial Digital LED Displays with Networking Capabilities | EZM Series Large Digital LED Displays

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  • NEMA 12 for a reliable plant floor display
  • Scroll and Blink Messages
  • International Character Set
       --- Cyrillic
       --- French
       --- German
       --- Danish
       --- Swedish
       --- Kana
  • ASCII Messages over RS232/422/485 or Ethernet
  • Multiple Marquees on the Same Network
  • 110V AC power
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The EZM series has been discontinued. Please see the AU-PTV as a possible alternative or contact our Automation Engineering department.

Easy connect to EZPLC for extremely low cost stand-alone production monitoring system. Combination of EZPLC and EZMarquee make a terrific system which pays for itself in less than 90 days! Monitor rate per hour, up-time/down-time, pass rate, alarms and archive data.

Monitor 8 Analog Process Variables, Display on a Tri-color Marquee and Turn 4 Alarms ON
Let’s read 4-20mA current signals from up to 8 different temperature/pressure flow gauges, scale the readings, display on a 2" red LED marquee, and activate up to 4 Relay outputs for your alarms and sirens when your process readings exceed programmed limits. The following stand alone system lets you take 4-20mA current inputs from up to 8 different analog signals. All these sensors will feed input signal to EZPLC which is connected to EZMarquee via RS232/485 communication port. EZPLC can be used to scale all the inputs and display them on a 2" red LED marquee and can also turn Relay outputs to trigger alarms/sirens etc. Take input feed from up to 8 Analog devices (pressure transducer, LVDT, etc), where you can display your process variables on a 2" EZMarquee via RS232/422/485. You also get 4 Relay outputs (AC/DC) to trigger sirens/alarms when your process variables go over your set points!
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