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EZP-PLC Series

Touch Screen System | EZP-PLC Series

Touch Screen System

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  • Monochrome and Color Models Available
  • Save Extra Wiring and Need for 2 Enclosures
  • 32 or 64 Local Modular I/O, Expandable to 2048 I/O
  • Two RS232 and One RS422/485 ports built-in
  • Modbus RTU Master or Slave, built-in
  • Cost Effective DeviceNet and Profibus options
  • Optional Ethernet port with Modbus TCP/IP
  • Eight Different Display Sizes from 6" to 15"
  • SCADA like features for Touch Panel
  • User Program stored in Flash
  • Wide Variety of I/O Modules
  • Advanced Instructions with 32 bit Floating Point Math
  • Universal Remote I/O Modules (Modbus/RS485)
    --- Digital, Analog, Thermocouple, RTD
    --- DIN Rail mountable
  • Sample application programs available by request
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The EZP PLC Series has been discontinued. Please see the OCS XL Series as a possible alternative or contact our Automation Engineering department.

EZTouchPLC is the most sensible combination of PLC and HMI in one highly integrated package. It utilizes EZPLC’s base (built in) and thus capable of all the features present in our EZPLC and uses our ‘Mix-n-Match’ EZIO modules (sold seperately) to deliver a truly modular integrated system.

EZTouchPLC can be used as a total control for a small to medium machine that requires a touch type graphical display. It eliminates the need to buy and install a PLC and Operator Interface separately and thus reduces the electrical panel space, making the control system extremely compact and cost effective.

Snap-in I/O Module
EZI/O modules are designed with one thing in mind - modularity! Each and every EZI/O module can be utilized with EZPLC, EZ Series TouchPLC and EZ Series TextPLC for a truly modular I/O.
I/O Status LED Indicators
LED indicator lights on every channel to help troubleshoot and debug field wiring.
Wiring Duct for Routing Field Wires Every EZI/O module has a wiring duct for routing field wiring in neat bundles.
Removable Terminal Block
EZI/O modules come with male headers to accommodate 11 point removable Phoenix terminal blocks (UL rated for 300V 10 amp 14 AWG) for ease of wiring.
Extremely small size, 2 x 2 x 1 inch.
Wide Variety of Digital and Analog
AC and DC, analog I/O, thermocouple and RTD modules are available. Combination modules are also available to provide maximum flexibility.

EZ Series Touchpanels have Enhanced Data Acquisition & Ethernet Connectivity Options
EZDaq (EZ’s Data Acquisition Utility Option) uses the RS232 programming port to a PC or Ethernet for communicating with multiple panels allowing data acquisition in a PC remote from the panel. The user specifies tags and schedules for data acquisition. Data files are organized in a convenient, user selectable format (tab delimited or CSV) and can be opened in Excel or in any text editor.
EZDaq Software installed on your PC can select any tag you want to monitor on the PLC / Panel, watch the data coming in real time (as compared to receiving only a snap-shot when certain event occurs) and plot it into an Excel sheet automatically. Time intervals on event triggers can be selected from a wide range of options.
Unique Online Programming:
Saves Time for Screen Design & Machine Debug
NO Compilation or Download... NO Machine Down Time... Just Click and Save to Panel. Develop and finalize one screen in 10 minutes.
Fastest Response to Touch Input
Because of the use of vector based graphics and a proprietary OS, EZ Series Touchpanels are universally recognized as having the fastest response to touch inputs, typically less than 3/4 of a second even with complex screens. This means no waiting and also less wear on a panel from operators pounding an object on a screen waiting for a response.

***New!*** Universal Remote I/O Modules: Digital, Analog, Thermocouple, RTD

NOTE:   Programming software (EZP-PANELEDIT) and programming cable (EZP-PGMCBL) required.


Baixar EZPLC Series - Touch Panel Hardware Manual
Baixar EZPLC Series - Software Manual
Baixar EZIO-4ACI4ACO - I/O Module: 4 AC In, 4 AC out - Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4ACI4DCOP - I/O Module: 4 AC In, 4 DC out (sourcing) Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4ACI4RLO - I/O Module 4 AC In, 4 relay out Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4ANI4ANOC - I/O Module 4 analog In, 4 analog out (current) Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4ANI4ANOV - I/O Module 4 analog In, 4 analog out (voltage) Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4DCI4ACO - I/O Module 4 DC In, 4 AC out Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4DCI4DCIF - I/O Module 4 DC In, 4 Fast DC In with Interrupt Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4DCI4DCON - I/O Module 4 DC In, 4 DC out (sinking) Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4DCI4DCOP - I/O Module 4 DC In, 4 DC out (sourcing)
Baixar EZIO-4DCIP4RLO - I/O Module 4 DC In, 4 relay out Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4DCOP4ACO - I/O Module 4 DC out (sourcing), 4 AC out Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4RLO - I/O Module 4 relay out Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4RTD - I/O Module 4 RTD in Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-4THIE - I/O Module 4 thermocouple in Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-8ACI - I/O Module 8 AC in Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-8ACO - I/O Module 8 AC out Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-8ANIC - I/O Module 8 analog in (current) Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-8ANIV - I/O Module 8 analog in (voltage) Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-8DCI - I/O Module 8 DC in Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-8DCON - I/O Module 8 DC out (sinking) Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-8DCOP - I/O Module 8 DC out (sourcing) Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-8HSCM1 - I/O Module High speed counter, 2 quad encoders in, 2 counters w/2PLS Out Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-8HSCM2 - I/O Module High speed counter, 1 quad encoder in, 1 Spec Sheet
Baixar EZIO-8HSDCI - I/O Module: 8 DC in (high speed) Spec Sheet
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