M12 Thermocouple Sensors for Spring Loading in Thermowells

M12-TC-SL Series

Spring Loaded Thermocouple Sensors with M12 Connectors | M12-TC-SL Series

Spring Loaded Thermocouple Sensors with M12 Connectors

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  • Type J, K, T and E Thermocouples with 304 Stainless Steel Sheath
  • M12 A-Coded Pin Style Connectors with Compensated Pins for Easy Wiring when Combined with OMEGA’s M12 Thermocouple Extension Cables
  • Fits All Standard 0.260" Bore Thermowells (Thermowell Sold Separately)
  • Probe Length = Thermowell Stem Length
  • Adjustable Self-Gripping Spring Allows for Use in Shorter Length Thermowells
  • Large Selection of Optional Thermowells and Extension Cables Available
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Note: These M12 Thermocouple Sensors Require an M12 Thermocouple Extension Cable to Connect the Sensor To Your Instrumentation. A Partial List Of Our M12 Thermocouple Extension Cables is Included in the Ordering Table Below.

The Series M12-TC-SL thermocouple has been designed to provide our customers with a simple way of adapting our M12 thermocouple sensors for use in thermowells. The addition of a spring loading feature to the sensor insures that you get the proper contact between the sensor and the thermowell every time. To determine the length needed, simply measure the depth of the sensor bore in the thermowell from the end of the thermowell to the bottom of the bore (shown as the "Thermowell Stem Length" in the sketch below). Simply specify this length in the part number.

These M12 thermocouple sensors consist of three parts, the sensor probe with integral M12 connector, a hex nut with a 1/2NPT mounting thread, and a self-gripping adjustable spring. The M12 connector provides a convenient, reliable way to connect the sensor to your instrument using an M12 extension or patch cable.

The M12-TC-SL thermocouple assembly is designed to fit into a thermowell with a stem length equal to that specified in the model number. Simply slide the sensor assembly into the thermowell until bottomed and then compress the spring while making the 1/2NPT connection. Thread sealant tape or thread compound may be used on the 1/2NPT mounting thread to insure easy removal at a later time. The position of the self-gripping spring can be adjusted so that the sensor can be used in a shorter thermowell. Simply twist the spring while sliding it along the probe stem until the needed position is reached.

The M12-TC-SL can also be used as a back-up sensor for a variety of applications. The spring loading feature can be adjusted to fit a variety of thermowells. The spring loading fitting can be removed altogether and replaced with a compression type fitting if a fixed position is needed. This flexibility in mounting options, as well as the simplified and robust connection provided by the M12 connector, makes the M12-TC-SL the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications.

When ordering your M12-TC-SL sensor, don't forget your thermocouple extension cable. Omega offers these thermocouple extension cables in over molded Silicone cables, as well as customized PVC and PFA insulated cables with optional stainless steel braid or hose for improved mechanical protection. All of Omega's wide selection of thermcouple connectors are available for connecting to your thermocouple instrumentation.

  • Metal Parts: 304 Stainless Steel Sheath and Housing.

  • Connector: 4-Pin "A"-Coded M12 Plug Connector with Thermocouple Compensated Pins.

  • Standard Probe Diameter: 1/4"

  • Spring Material: 0.035" diameter Music Wire (ASTM A228)
  • Standard Probe Lengths: Standard Lengths Listed in The Order Table Below, Can Be Made to Fit Any Thermowell Stem Length.

  • Sensor: Types J, K, T and E Thermocouples with Grounded or Ungrounded Junctions.

  • Accuracy: Special Limits of Error (SLE) Above 0°C (Standard Limits of Error Below 0°C).
  • Temperature Ranges: -210 to 721°C (Type J), -270 to 899°C (Type K), -270 to 371°C (Type T) or -270 to 899 °C (Type E), Except for the Connector Which is 85°C Max. Temperaturte ranges shown are for the measurement end of the sensor only, thermowell selection will impact final temperature range of assembly.

  • Insulation Resistance: 1 Gigohm Minimum at 100VDC at Room Ambient Temperature.

  • View the Thermocouple Accuracy and Color Code charts
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