M12 Temperature Transmitter with 100Ω RTD


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  • Programmable Transmitter
  • Molded Connector (IP67)
  • M12 Connection
  • 4 to 20 mA Output = 0 to 150°C Default Setting
  • -50 to 500°C (-58 to 932°F) Full Programmable Range
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The M12TX 100Ω RTD sensor with built-in transmitter can be programmable by a computer. The configuration kit required for programming is M12TX-CONFIG. This unique probe is ideal for areas with space limitations where traditional head connections are too large to fit. The M12 thread design offers a secure industrial connection. The temperature Transmitter is designed with mineral insulated cable probe (MgO) which allows the probe to have a minimum bend radius of three times the diameter.

Body: Thermoplastic material
Probe Type: Compact mineral insulated cable AISI 316L SS
Probe Minimum Bending Radius: Three-times the outer diameter [except the sensing tip which length is 30 mm (1.2")]
Connection: M12x1 male in accordance to VDE0627 (output connection)
Sensor: RTD Pt100 class A up to 300°C in accordance to IEC751
Range: -50 to 500°C (-58 to 932°F)
Tmax. Electronic: 80°C (176°F)
Sensor Break Monitoring:
    Selectable: Upscale (>21.0 mA) or downscale (<3.6 mA) action
    Sensor Short-Circuit: Fixed to downscale (<3.6 mA) action
Signal: 4 to 20 mA
Permissible load: 700 @ 24 Vdc [RLo= (Vsupply-8.5)/0.020]
Response Time (90%): <50 ms
Isolation In-Out: Non-isolated
Power Supply: 8.5 to 32 Vdc (polarity protected)
Environment Conditions
Temperature: -40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F) for plastic body
Relative Humidity: 0 to 100%
EMC: In accordance to EN 61326
Degree of Protection: IP65 and IP67 in accordance to IEC60529
Transmitter: Maximum of ±0.2°C or ±0.2% of span
Sensor: Class A in accordance to IEC751
Temperature Influence [Deviation from 20°C (68°F)]: Maximum of ±0.3°C/25°C (77°F) or ±0.3% of span/25°C (77°F)
Supply Voltage Influence: Negligible
Range Configurations: It is possible set the input temperature range (span) by the M12TX-CONFIG configuration kit (PC with OS Windows® required)
Zero Adjustments: Any value between -50 to 50°C
Minimum Span: 50°C (122°F) [if the zero value is set between one of these values: -40°C (-40°F), -20°C (-4°F), 0°C (32°F), 20°C (68°F), 40°C (104°F), the minimum span is 20°C (68°F) rather than 50°C (122°F)]
Sensor Error Compensation: Over 2 points (maximum 1% of span)
Factory Setting: 0 to 150°C/sensor break >21 mA (upscale)
Response Time: Diameter 3 mm <3.5 second, diameter 6 mm <13 second (test in water to IEC751- time for reaching 63.2% of instantaneous temperature change) three times the diameter.


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