Selector Switches 2-Way, 3-Way & 4-Way Heavy-Duty/Oil Tight Switches

OMPBD7-SS 22mm Series Selector Switches

Selector Switches | OMPBD7-SS 22mm Series Selector Switches

Selector Switches

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  • Heavy-Duty/Oil Tight Pushbuttons
  • Quick Installation with Tool-Less Mounting Latch
  • Plastic Operators: NEMA 4/4X/13 and IP65/66 Rated
  • Metal Operators: NEMA 4/13 and IP65/66 Rated
  • Touch-Safe Contact Blocks–with IP20 Recessed Screw Terminals
  • Heavy-Duty Current Rating (10A Continuous)
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Omega's rugged OMPBD7 selector switches offer maximum flexibility and a wide choice for all applications. This 22 mm selector switch is aesthetically appealing and modularly designed to make assembly. The OMPBD7 Selector Switch operators are available in two different body styles to meet every application need. Both operators exhibit a new lower profile stylish appearance while maintaining the rugged performance necessary for demanding environments.

Quick, Easy Installation

What is a Tool-Less Mounting Latch
Quick, reliable and strong, it’s the best pilot device mounting latch available in the industry. Once the push button operator is installed in the panel, the Tool-Less latch pushes onto the back of the operator with a "click". Now you can snap on up to 6 contact blocks, with no tools.

How does Monentary vs Maintained apply to Selector Switches?
2-Way and 3-Way selector switches come in multiple configurations, fixed positions or spring right return, spring left return or both. When you select a position and the switch remains in that position then the switch is considered maintained in all positions. With a spring right return or spring left return selector switch, the return position would be a maintained condition where the spring position would be a momentary position and the change in the contacts would only apply while the knob is held in position

What are the Environemental Ratings?
Front elements, including push buttons, mushroom operators and selector switches, are IP 66 protection against submersion, oil and dirt, making them reliable in the toughest industrial environments. OMPBD7P is a plastic operator with a captive black plastic front bezel. Constructed of high-grade thermoplastics the OMPBD7P is the corrosion resistant solution for harsh environments and is rated NEMA Type 4/4X/13 & IP65/66 for use in wash down locations. For super tough applications, the OMPBD7M has a die-cast zinc housing and mounting ring for rugged durability. Both are finished with corrosion resistant chrome plating. The OMPBD7M also features a captive shiny metal bezel for a polished appearance. Metal operators are NEMA Type 4/13 & IP65/66 rated.
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