22mm Emergency Stop Push Buttons

OMPBD7 E-Stop 22mm Push Buttons

22mm Emergency Stop Push Buttons, Illuminated E-Stops, Twist-To-Release and Push-Pull Push Buttoms | OMPBD7  E-Stop 22mm Push Buttons

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  • Modular design
  • Tool-less mounting latch
  • 22.5mm mounting hole size
  • Plastic 40mm mushroom momentary operators
  • Plastic 30mm, 40mm, 60mm mushroom E-Stop operators (twist-to-release)
  • NEMA 4/4X/13 environmental ratings
  • Heavy-duty current rating (10A continuous)
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Omega's rugged OMPBD7 E-Stops offer maximum flexibility and a wide choice for all applications. This 22 mm line is aesthetically appealing and modularly designed to make assembly and interchangeability easy.

What is Momentary vs Maintained?
When a pushbutton is pressed, it will open or close a circuit. A momentary pushbutton will allow the electrical contact to return to is original position when the pushbutton is released. A maintained pushbutton will keep the contacts in the changed position, it requires some additional action to return to is original position.

Quick and Easy Installation!

What is a Tool-Less Mounting Latch?
Quick, reliable and strong, it's the best pilot device mounting latch available in the industry. Once the E-Stop operator is installed in the panel, the Tool-Less latch pushes onto the back of the operator with a "click". Now you can snap on up to 6 contact blocks, with no tools.

Long Electrical and Mechanical Life

What are the Environmental Ratings?
Front elements, including push buttons, mushroom operators, selector switches and E-stops, are IP 66 protection against submersion, oil and dirt, making them reliable in the toughest industrial environments. OMPBD7P is a plastic operator with a captive black plastic front bezel. Constructed of high-grade thermoplastics the OMPBD7P is the corrosion resistant solution for harsh environments and is rated NEMA Type 4/4X/13 & IP65/66 for use in wash down locations. For super tough applications, the OMPBD7M has a die-cast zinc housing and mounting ring for rugged durability. Both are finished with corrosion resistant chrome plating. The OMPBD7M also features a captive shiny metal bezel for a polished appearance. Metal operators are NEMA Type 4/13 & IP65/66 rated.

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