Cooling Jacket Kit for OS36 and OS36-2 Infrared Thermocouples - Descontinuado


Cooling Jacket Kit for OS36 and OS36-2 Infrared Thermocouples | OS36-APC

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  • Seamless Copper Monotube Cooling Coil
  • Complete Equipment for Air Cooling and/or Water Cooling
  • Air Purge Included
  • Super-Efficient Design for Low Air or Low Water Use
  • Water Cooling to 540°C (1000°F) with as Little as 0.05 gpm (190 cc/min)
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Esta Série foi descontinuada. Por favor, contate nosso departamento de Engenharia para uma possível alternativa.

Extraordinarily efficient in design, the OS36-APC needs water flow rate of only 0.05 gpm (190 cc/min.) to protect an infrared thermocouple at 540°C (1000°F). This convenient and inexpensive kit makes it possible to use either the OS36 or OS36-2 with air, water or both for service in harsh environments. Measuring only 25 x 100 mm (4" x 1") overall, the OS36-APC is small enough to fit into tight areas to closely monitor process temperatures up close (in the optimum position). It can withstand the harshest environments with its all stainless steel housing.
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