Industrial pH Controller/Recorders  - Discontinued


 | PHCN50/51/52/53/54

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  • 5 Models to Choose
  • Measure, Control and Record pH
  • Range of 2 to 12 pH
  • NEMA 4X Wall Mount Enclosure Standard
  • Includes Two Wire 4 to 20 mA Transmitter
  • Optional ORP Controller


The PHCN50 Series has been discontinued. Please see the CTXL Series as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering department.

The PHCN-50 Series of pH recorders and controllers provides a reliable method of monitoring, controlling and recording pH levels of various industrial and chemical processes. Featuring an extensive list of standard features, the PHCN-50 series includes a digital display, digital switches for alarms setpoints, remote mount pH 4 to 20 mA transmitter, 6 amp solid state relays, front panel adjustable dead band pots and NEMA-4X enclosure.

The controllers standard features include a digital display capable of displaying pH readings between 2 and 12 pH, adjustable dual alarm setpoints, dead band adjustments from 1 to 50% of setpoint, programmable time safety delay which activates when pH correction time is excessive and a stand by switch that disables the controller functions during calibration.

The recorder utilizes inkless pressure sensitive recording paper for 30 days of recording and front panel mounted calibration adjustments.

PHCN-50 pH recorder includes a digital display, enclosed in a NEMA 4X enclosure and accepts pH electrodes directly. Each unit is supplied with one 30-day roll of recorder paper.

PHCN-51 is a basic pH controller, it includes a NEMA-4X enclosure, digital display, two setpoints for high and low alarm, adjustable dead band, and two 6 amp SSRs. It accepts one pH electrode input through the supplied pH transmitter.

PHCN-52 pH controller/recorder combines the features of the PHCN-50 and PHCN-51 into one compact unit. It accepts one electrode through the transmitter, that drives the recorder, controller and digital display. Supplied with the PHCN-52 is one 30-day roll of recorder paper.

PHCN-53 pH controller/recorder uses two independent pH probes in a wall mounted NEMA-4X enclosure. Each pH electrode performs a separate function. The electrode input from the supplied pH transmitter drives the digital display and controller; the second pH electrode drives the recorder directly. The recorder electrode may be placed downstream from the control point to record the adjusted values. Supplied with the PHCN-53 is one 30-day roll of recorder paper.

PHCN-54 is a versatile dual pH controller. The PHCN-54 accepts two separate electrode inputs and can adjust pH at two separate locations. The dual pH model is supplied with two 4 to 20 mA pH transmitters. When one of the two controllers is configured with the optional ORP controller, it may be used for cyanide destruction or chrome reduction.
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