Sondas Pt-100 com conectores M12 moldados para alta temperatura
Disponível nos Tamanhos imperiais e métricos

Série PR-31

Sondas Pt-100 com conectores M12 moldados para alta temperaturaDisponível nos Tamanhos imperiais e métricos | Série PR-31

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  • Intervalo de temperatura da sonda de -50 a 500°C (-58 a 932°F)
  • Intervalo de temperatura do conector de -50 a 260°C (-58 a 500°F)
  • Disponível nos valores 100 e 1000 Ω
  • Sonda em aço inoxidável 316 em diâmetros imperiais e métricos
  • Conector M12 moldado de 4 pinos com classificação IP65
  • Testado em vibração conforme ASTM-E1137: 3 Gs de 5 a 500 Hz
  • Sondas dobráveis (após as primeiras 2" (65 mm) da extremidade da sonda), usando um raio mínimo de curvatura sugerido de o dobro do diâmetro da sonda
Sondas, elementos e conjuntos para RTD (PT100) - Ver Produtos Relacionados


The PR-31 series RTD temperature sensors feature a high temperature connector for application environments of up to
260°C (500°F). The new PR-31 series is contructed with our mineral insulated cable to offer the option of bending the probe in the field. The suggested bend radius is 2x the probe diameter.
The PR-31 series are ideal temperature probes for the automation industry, food and beverage, chemical and industrial markets.
These RTD sensors can be used in any 2, 3 or 4-wire application by selecting one of the two available wiring arrangements (see the wiring diagrams below) and using only those wires needed for your connection. This allows for simplified, trouble free installation with any existing application. This also allows the PR-31 series sensor to be used for a wide variety of replacement applications since it can be connected as-is with just about any measurement or control equipment available when combined with a 4-pin female M12 connector extension or patch cable.


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