Precision Thermistor Sensors for Laboratory Applications

ON-401 and ON-402 Series

Precision Thermistor Sensors for Laboratory Applications (ON400 Series) | ON-401 and ON-402 Series

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  • The Model ON-401-PP is a PVC Insulated and Jacketed Sensor for Use in Short-Term Water or Sub-Soil Readings. This is the Most Rugged Waterproof Construction.
  • The Model ON-401-PP-V is a soft Vinyl Tipped version of the ON-401-PP Sensor.
  • The Model ON-402-PP Sensor is a Miniature Version of the ON-401-PP Sensor with a 1/8" Diameter Tip.
  • All Three Styles Have a Resistance of 2252 Ohms at 25°C
  • Standard Accuracy is ±0.1°C Between 0 to 70°C
  • Maximum Temperature: 100°C
  • All of These Sensor Models are Supplied with 120" (3 meter) Long PVC Insulated Cables and Phone Plug Connectors
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