Precision Thermistor Sensors for Air Temperature Measurements

ON-405_406_905_906 Series

Precision Thermistor Sensors for  AirTemperature Measurements | ON-405_406_905_906 Series

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  • Ideal for Measuring Air Temperatures in Laboratories and Laminar Flow Systems
  • Metal or Plastic Cage Provides Protection for Thermistor Sensor While Leaving it Open to the Air Flow
  • Thermistor Element is Epoxy Coated and Extends Into the Air Flow for Fast Temperature Response
  • ON-905 and ON-906 Models Available with Resistances of 2252 Ohms, 3000 Ohms, 5000 Ohms, 10,000 Ohms and 30,000 Ohms at 25°C. ON-405 and ON-406 Available with 2252 Ohms at 25°C Only
  • Standard Accuracy of ON-905 and ON-906 Assemblies is ±0.2°C Between 0 to 70°C. Standard Accuracy of ON-405 and ON 406 Models is ±0.1°C Between 0 to 70°C
  • Maximum Temperature: 100°C


The exposed thermistor element with protective cage design makes this an ideal selection for the measurement and control of air and gas streams in a variety of applications. The protective cage is available in plastic or metal, and the ON-905 and ON-906 Models are available in five resistance specifications.
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